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Britney Spears flaunts her abs in sexy moves and receives praise from fans


October 22, 2021

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Britney Spears who is no stranger to a good dance video, shared a new one on Instagram, flaunting her incredible sexy moves while smiling for the camera

Britney Spears is sculpting her abs while dancing away the tension of her conservatorship issues! On camera, the 39-year-old singer of “Piece of Me” twirled. In a new Instagram video, she talks about how her stomach is getting more “definition” as a result of her intense workouts with fiancé Sam Asghari, 27.

Britney revealed that “Glycerine” was her “favourite song in high school,” joking that it sounded like “gasoline.” She then disclosed “a little secret” about Gwen Stefani, 52, and invited her over to her house “one day to swim.” The pool date was attended by Gwen’s ex, Gavin Rossdale, 55, aka Bush’s lead singer. Britney gushed about the lovely experience, calling it “literally the coolest moment of my life.”

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Fans may find it difficult to believe Britney needs more “definition” in her stomach because, based on her spectacular exercise videos and bikini images, she hasn’t needed any. The princess of pop shared a training video with fiancé Sam earlier this month, in which the two worked out together in their home gym. Britney showed off some dances while panning to her man to put his buff figure on display as well, showing off her amazing body.

Apart from Britney being pleased with her abs, fans are pleased to see her smiling in the midst of her conservatorship controversy. Even with her freedom on the horizon, the singer recently expressed her apprehension — possibly even fear — about moving forward after years under her father’s supervision. Fans. On the other hand, Fans are hopeful Britney can become the woman she was always intended to be, based on her dance videos and upbeat demeanor.

Also, Jamie Spears, Britney Spears’ father, has hired new legal counsel following his suspension as conservator of the singer’s multimillion-dollar estate. It’s unclear whether he was dropped by his longstanding attorneys in anticipation of possible lawsuits, or whether he made the choice himself.

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