#BreakingTheBarriers: On Women’s Day, revisiting Prathi Poovankozhi and Madhuri’s lone fight against Antappan

On this Women’s Day, let’s take a look at Madhuri from Prathi Poovankozhi and how her lone fight against the wrongs inspired us all.

Manju Warrier has portrayed some of the strongest characters in her movies. Her role as Madhuri in Prathi Poovankozhi, directed by Rosshan Andrews, was no different. A saleswoman who decides to get her revenge after being assaulted by a local goon in a public bus, Madhuri’s character stands out as one of the boldest female lead of recent times. On the occasion of Women’s Day, let’s revisit Madhuri and her lone fight for justice in Prathi Poovankozhi.

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As a working woman, Madhuri travels on the bus on a regular basis, and it all goes well until one day she gets assaulted by Antappan, a local goon. Following advice from her friends and family, she files a formal complaint in the police station and leaves it at that. However, Madhuri realises that she needs to act against the humiliation she has suffered and decides to get justice by herself. Madhuri’s heart sinks once again as she finds out that the police are in support of the goon, and this makes her infuriated.

Manju Warrier and Anusree in Prathi Poovankozhi
Manju Warrier and Anusree in Prathi Poovankozhi (Source: ZEE5)

Madhuri decides to take things into her own hands and finds her inner strength to go all out against the goon. Her fighting spirit takes the first hit when she realises that she is alone in it. She is let down by her relatives and acquaintances who do not take her side. However, she decides not to give up and accepts that empowerment comes from the realisation of self-worth.

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What follows is a series of incidents that shows how the characters grow while she goes through the most difficult battle of her life. From lashing out at an old man and beating him up for groping a schoolgirl to standing up to the corrupt police officer’s threats, Madhuri tells us the importance of finding the confidence to fight back. She keeps at it and finds Antappan, only to be disappointed by some events that follow. But, her journey in pursuit of him is something we all must take inspiration from.


Madhuri from Prathi Poovankozhi
Madhuri from Prathi Poovankozhi (Source: ZEE5)

Madhuri reminds the viewers at several instances that her fight is not just for her. Through her act, she shows us how we as a society have a cruel way of normalising crimes against women. Madhuri’s fight for herself and on behalf of others is a befitting answer to this. Her lone fight against the goon and his actions stands out as a heroic act, indeed.

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