#BreakingTheBarriers: Carbon’s Sameera is the ultimate free soul to look up to, this Women’s Day

Sameera from Carbon is a self-aware adventure junkie who has a lot to offer. Here’s everything we can learn from this thrill-seeking character.

Women are powerful, brave, and strong, even though we’ve all heard otherwise multiple times. Reflecting on real life, it is important that our favourite characters from our beloved movies carry the same essence, like Sameera from Carbon. Bubbly and adventurous, Sameera, played by Mamta Mohandas, is portrayed as the ultimate free soul who lives by her own will and is always the most interesting person in the room.

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We are introduced to Sameera towards the midway mark of the movie. Getting out of her big car, she instantly comes across as someone full of life. Unlike Sibi, the protagonist portrayed by Fahadh Faasil, she is an extroverted soul who is always ready for a new adventure. She reaches out to Sibi and demands that she stay inside the abandoned cottage. While Sibi was afraid to live in the building by himself, Sameera comforts him by stating that she has in fact stayed there multiple times in the past.

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Sameera and Sibi instantly hit it off, but the credit goes fully to Sameera. Sibi’s skepticism and fear of ghosts make him stick around Sameera, but she, on the other hand, calls him closer to show him some wonders. From talking about hidden treasures to teaching him about the stars, it’s clear that Sameera has been around the world enough times to know the thrills that lie ahead. She is ready to take any adventurous path knowing the dangers that lie ahead.

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She relates to people and most importantly, isn’t afraid of them. Sameera’s attitude is proof that once you overcome your fears, a new world opens for you. It is she who talks Sibi into following the treasure trail and who looks after him on the route. It is almost like the roles reversed and she is the more dominant one in the group. However, unlike Sibi, who exploits every single opportunity to reinstate his authority, she doesn’t boss anyone around. She knows her worth well and is content by herself.

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While the treasure hunt unfolds a totally different side of Sibi, Sameera stays the same, reinstating that her self-confidence will never be fiddled. Sameera’s outgoing self isn’t afraid of anything. She is calm and composed and all of it comes from the fact that she has full awareness of herself. The biggest takeaway for anyone watching this film should be her character and how she accepts the ‘free soul’ tag that many of us long for.

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