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Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar PROMO: Guests Govinda, Sunny Leone And Kanika Kapoor Turn Up The Entertainment Factor With Their Appearance


December 18, 2021

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The new episode promo for Bigg Boss 15 has been released on the channel which features the guests Govinda, Sunny Leone, and Kanika Kapoor creating a spellbinding atmosphere alongside Salman Khan and also entertaining the audiences and contestants

From the past few episodes, we have been seeing that Salman Khan has been bashing all the contestants more severely than before because of their misbehavior towards other contestants in the house, and this same sentiment was seen when Farah Khan had come in place of him last week Weekend Ka Vaar episode who was also seen effectively slamming all the contestants.

Finally, that time of the week is here when fans and audiences eagerly await the Weekend Ka Vaar as their favorite host Salman Khan is seen effectively schooling all the contestants in each week and also gives them tips and ques to improve their behavior and performance in the tasks and also gives them the lesson of trying to keep their anger and aggression in check always.

The recent episode promo of Weekend Ka Vaar has been released by makers on the channel in which we all see how there is a perfect mix of controversies, arguments, physical showdowns, verbal war of words, friendships going badly kaput, relationships getting tested time and again and Ritesh’s misbehavior with Rakhi which has made us all more excited to see the episode tonight.

In the recent promo, we also saw that Salman Khan is in no mood to spare anyone since he is shown lashing out at Abhijit and Ritesh and gives them a bitter reality check of how they are looking so bad doing cheap filthy tricks with the females in the house which is not acceptable at all and then we also see the glimpses of a star-studded gala time wherein there’s sneak peek of Salman Khan dancing with Govinda and also the appearance of Bollywood actress Sunny Leone and renowned playback singer Kanika Kapoor who have come inside the house for promoting their song titled Madhuban in which Salman is also seen talking to them and engaging in fun banter with the duo too.

It is going to be interesting enough to see how the contestants are going to get unexpected surprising revelations with the entry of these celebrity guests as well.

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