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Geet Dholi 19 May 2023 Written Update: The admirer storms into Mehra House

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June 2, 2023

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Malhar chats with Geet’s admirer from her phone and rushes to meet him on receiving his address. In the interim, the admirer intrudes the Mehra House with a bouquet for Geet. What might ensue?

In the previous episode of Geet Dholi, Geet’s admirer surrounds himself with pictures of Geet in his hotel room and shares the cake with Geet’s pictures. Malhar tells JK that he has found a builder for the academy after Geet cuts the cake. Later that night, Malhar ponders over the doctor’s vivid description of Geet’s admirer and asks Geet if she suspects meeting her mentally-ill admirer in Mumbai. Malhar worries about Geet’s security and Geet tells Malhar that she is also worried about the safety of the Mehras. She tells him to abandon the idea of starting an academy and lay low for a while. Malhar snaps out of his fear and tells Geet that she deserves the recognition that comes with her success. Well along, Geet has a terrible nightmare and wakes up concerned about Malhar’s safety. Geet calls Surjeet and asks him about an ancestral shrine leaving him upset. Eventually, Surjeet tells Geet about the promise he made to the deity as Geet lost her sense of hearing. Soon, Geet decides to fulfil Surjeet’s promise to the deity.

In the next episode of Geet Dholi, Malhar insists that Geet shoot the advertisement for her academy and change her plans of visiting her ancestral temple that is tucked away in a far-off land. Geet tells Malhar about her reason to visit the temple at the earliest and Ruby gets upset at Geet for abandoning the academy’s work in an effort to visit her ancestral temple. Geet tasks Bhairavi with the academy’s responsibility and asks her to take care of the academy till she returns. Jasleen doubts that Bhairavi blackmailed Geet into giving her academy’s responsibility away to her. Geet reveals how she forced Bhairavi into cracking a deal with her by coercing Bhairavi into submission. Geet expresses her faith in Bhairavi and lauds Bhairavi’s talent as well as her qualities. Bhairavi promises to take responsibility of the academy wholeheartedly and apologises to Geet as well as Jasleen.

Malhar continues to discourage Geet from visiting the temple and Malhar insists on accompanying Geet to the temple. Malhar asks Rocky to take care of the academy’s tasks alongside Diamond. As soon as Bhairavi walks out of the Mehra House triumphantly, Simone nabs Bhairavi and questions her for cracking a deal with Geet. Bhairavi tells Simone that she cracked a deal with Geet to save herself as well as Simone. Bhairavi tells Simone that she wishes to make a new start with Geet and Simone mocks Bhairavi’s decision. Simone pledges to take her revenge and make Geet pay for her actions. Bhairavi tries to show Simone her place and the latter slaps Bhairavi in a fit of rage. Bhairavi wishes to take her revenge from Simone. Malhar ends up reading a message from Geet’s admirer and gets concerned about her safety. He pretends to be Geet and chats with him, he heads to the address mentioned by the admirer to meet him. Malhar reaches the hotel and realises that the admirer has abandoned his room. Meanwhile, the admirer arrives in Mehra House with a bouquet of red roses for Geet.

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