ZEE5 Is All Set To Hook The Youngsters With Korean Cinema

ZEE5 is soon to be the hub of Korean cinema.

Mahima Maniar

October 13, 2020


4 min


ZEE5 is launching a set of 10 Korean films on October 23rd that belong to a variety of genres that specifically attract the youth.

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Under its Club banner, ZEE5 is soon to become an international hub of content. Due to the cultural similarities between Korean and Indian content, many people have taken to consume Korean web shows and movies.

Let us take a look at 5 different movies that would give you a taste of Korean cinema.


This Halloween month, gear up to watch this Korean horror film Possessed. A college student Hee-Jin returns home only to find her 14-year-old sister missing. Her mother, who is a devout churchgoer, refuses to co-operate the standard police protocol. Upon the death of her neighbour by suicide, Hee-Jin continuously visualises the dead neighbour and tries to link the death to her sister’s disappearance.

For Horowitz

This is a beautiful revolving a music teacher Kim Ji-Soo who works at a local school but aspires to be a world-famous pianist and an orphan boy who has untapped potential. When they meet, Kim Ji-Soo is determined to bring out the best from the boy, and through him, realise his own aspirations. The relationship eventually branches into a maternal one when Ji-Soo realises that the boy needs love.

The Face Reader

An intriguing period drama revolving around the Joseon dynasty revolves around the lust and greed for power. Nae- gyeong is a skilful face reader who gets involved in a murder case. With his face reading abilities, he identifies the culprit and is soon acknowledged by King Munjong. He is soon caught between the power struggle of the King and the aspirational general.

A Company Man

Hyeong-do is a hitman under the garb of a white-collar worker. When he meets a single mother Mi-Yeon, he tries to get rid of his bloody past and start afresh. However, the ghosts of his past employers come to haunt and chase him down. This action thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat.

A Man And A Woman

Sang-Min and Ki-Hong, both have children and a family of their own. But they lack intimacy with their respective partners and with deteriorating physical and mental illness of family members they are caught in unpleasant relationships until they stumble upon each other. They find a spark in each other which brings them together more than once.

The stand-out factor lies in the fact that these movies can be watched in Hindi as well, giving easier access to the existing audience.

Watch this space to get more updates about Korean films. Get the ZEE5 Club Pack and watch selected popular movies, web series and TV shows before they are broadcasted. All this only at Re. 1 per day.

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