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Vishu 2021: Abhimanyu, Kalyani and other TV characters can teach you important lessons for the coming year

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April 14, 2021

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Let’s have a look at some of our favourite serial characters and a thing or two we could learn from them on this new year.

Vishu is here and it is time to start afresh! Having started off the day with a beautiful Vishu Kani, we all have a good long year to look forward to. From new professional decisions to simple resolutions, we all have something planned for the fresh year. As finding motivation for most of these could be tough, we could simply take some inspiration from characters we always see and it could turn out useful. Our favourite serial characters do have some great personas and it is something to look up to. Here are five characteristics of serial characters you can take inspiration from, for bettering yourself this New Year.

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Never giving up

Kalyani from Chembarathi has lived a life full of problems. Although very young, there isn’t much she hasn’t already been through. From personal loss to being hated on for her choices, she has faced it all. However, even when the whole world seems against her, she never gives up hope. She does get scared at some moments, but she never chooses to give up on something or someone. She has her own ways of staying motivated and it is important that we all find the same will.

Enjoying one’s own company

Sathya from Sathya Enna Penkutty is one of the strongest characters we have seen on TV. Being one of the strongest, her strength is often put to test by the people around her by throwing her in some troublesome situations. However, she always finds a way to come out of the situation with a smile on her face and even tries to share the smile with people around her. Sathya’s journey has taught us that no hate will break us unless we start to hate ourselves and it is a great lesson for everyone. Sathya is self-sufficient and enjoys her alone time more than anything and this is where she derives her strength from. Her self-love radiates to others, making her lovable to all.

Sudhi in Sathya enna Pnekutty
Sathya and Sudhi in Sathya Enna Penkutty (Source: ZEE5)

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Being helpful to others

Lending a helping hand is a great gesture and only a good man can do it. Krishnan from Chembarathi has proved multiple times that the more we help others, the better things get for us. He believes in Karma and thus thinks that helping another person would in turn cause someone to help him when in need, and there is almost no reason why we shouldn’t trust him. Krishnan has had a great life. Although he is a rich businessman enjoying his retired life, he never turns down an opportunity to help others. From solving his driver’s problems to his son’s personal issues, he doesn’t hesitate to get his hands on some sticky situations. This attitude makes him a lovable character and his lesson is something we all could learn from.

Krishnan in Chembarathi
Krishnan in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

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Complimenting each other

Here’s something all the couples out there could learn from Anand and Kalyani from Chembarathi. Relationships can become tough if not looked after properly. There’s no better way to keep the charm intact than to make each other feel special. There are many ways to do the same, as we have learned from our favourite daily soap couple. While Anand believes in gifts and huge gestures of love, Kalyani reciprocates the same by making her loved one some tasty dish, or just leave him with a few words of compliments. They both understand each other’s problems and always keep a lookout for one another. These timely gestures keep the smiles intact.

Anand and Kalyani in Chembarathi (Source: ZEE5)

Learning to trust

Abhimanyu from Pookalam Varavayi is a troublesome character we all care about. Although good at heart, he has a lot of problems, some of which he has caused all by himself. However, if his journey has taught us anything until now, it is that people do change, and it is okay to trust others. Abhi has always had anger issues and he still does. However, he has learned to tone it down and is constantly working to better it. He has changed a lot from the first time he met Samyuktha, and it is surprising how well he is turning out to be. From having serious trust issues, he now accepts and believes Samyuktha and a few others around him, making us realise that change is possible in anyone and trusting others is a key to a happy life.

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