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Titanic To Clock 24 On December 17: Kate Winslet Reveals THIS About Filming Intimate Scenes With Leonardo DiCaprio; Her Remarks Will Astonish You


December 15, 2021

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On December 17th, the iconic film Titanic will mark its 24th anniversary. Recently after staying tight-lipped about it for several years, Kate Winslet broke her silence and revealed about the filming of her intimate scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio

When it comes to romantic classic movies from the 1990s, the most well-known film is Titanic. This film’s obsession is still alive and well, and who can forget the pairing of actor Leonardo DiCaprio and actress Kate Winslet? The film will celebrate its 24th anniversary on November 17th. Titanic, as we all know, was a one-of-a-kind film filled with thrill, drama, and plenty of romance. It featured some of the couple’s hottest intimate sequences, and Kate Winslet, the film’s lead actress, recently dropped her quiet after years of staying mum about the same intimate sequences.

Kate Winslet stated in one of her interviews that she was dismayed when the filming of the intimate sex session within the car was completed. Actor Leonardo, on the other hand, was fully normal following the shoot. “They were entirely in the act when filming the sequence,” Kate explained, “Rose ended up loving Jack, as per the script.” Meanwhile, once the filming was through, they parted ways as immediately as the lens was switched off, signaling the end of the action.”

“They had not created any notation for this, but they did discuss how the moment should be shot,” Kate explained. “Leonardo excels at this type of work. His sexual advice was amazing. Perhaps her counsel would have had the same effect”, she further added.

The audience was enthralled by Rose and Jack’s chemistry. On December 17, 1997, one of the most acclaimed Hollywood films, ‘Titanic,’ was released. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet became instantaneous sensations thanks to this film. ‘Titanic’ was adapted in a number of languages, including Hindi, and won a number of Oscars.

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In terms of the plot, it revolved around the romantic drama about a poor boy and a wealthy girl who met while sailing and fell in love. The Titanic was sunk in the water due to an unforeseeable disaster. The film has a gloomy conclusion.

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