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This is the reason why Allu Arjun got in trouble with TSRTC


November 10, 2021

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Superstar Allu Arjun got in trouble with TSRTC over an advertisement that the actor was a part of, wherein the actor was seen promoting a bike taxi service. The TSRTC officials found the ad demeaning for the road transport service and condemned it

Tollywood megastar Allu Arjun has got himself in trouble with Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) on the issue that the actor allegedly tarnished the image of TSRTC. All of this came soon after the actor was promoting a bike taxi service called ‘Rapido.’ In the advertisement the actor is seen endorsing the service in a way that offends the RTC service and functionality.

The advertisement shows Allu Arjun saying that RTC buses take much more time to commute than what ‘Rapido’ service would take. The comparison in the advertisement between the two services also draws an analogy that using RTC is like cooking a plain Dosa in a certain time while Rapido is so safe and fast that it would cook masala Dosa in the same time. Therefore as per TSRTC officials the advertisement is offensive as it defames the environment and pocket friendly bus service of the government.

In response to the same the managing director of TSRTC IPS Officer VC Sajjanar said that demeaning TSRTC will not be tolerable at any cost. Going a bit further, the director said that the actor instead should have promoted public transport as they are better and are more environmentally friendly and hence cleaner for society. He at that time also added that the department will also be sending a legal notice to the actor.

The MD requests all other influential personalities that include actors, celebrities etc., to not demean public transport and public good in any way if they cannot promote the same.

Ranveer Singh is doing the same ad for the same company in Hindi. The condescending attitude of scripting of advertisement is the major cause of contention. Where a basic norm should be understood by writers and company officials as well is that promoting one thing should not go hand in hand with demeaning the other competition already present. The TSRTC official wishes the same thing to bring a healthy competition between the services.

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