This Is How You Can Retrieve Your Stolen Money By Hackers

Inform your bank and local police station immediately to initiate investigations on your lost money

Raghav N

August 27, 2020

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With many people homebound due to the Coronavirus, there has been a massive increase in cashless transactions. While online shopping has been on a surge, so have the number of crimes by hackers and cyber criminals.

In the event of an amount getting debited from your account without your knowledge, it is advisable to call the customer care of your bank immediately. All transactions related to the hacked account should be blocked and the local police should also be informed.

Following this, a bank visit is necessary where the individual will need to fill a form sharing all the details of the cyber-crime. The investigations will include accessing the CCTV footage of the automated teller machine (ATM) centre visited by the victim, if applicable. Many financial institutions also generate a shadow balance, which means crediting the amount equivalent to what was stolen, in the duped customer’s account, for their temporary usage. During the ongoing case, if the bank is convinced that their client’s money was wrongfully taken, it will be redeposited into the account.

In June, the central government had alerted the public that online perpetrators can empty bank accounts and access personal information in the name of sharing information about COVID19.

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