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The Kapil Sharma Show: John Abraham’s Toned Abs Pictures Are Wowwing The Netizens; Get Viral On Social Media – SEE PICS


November 29, 2021

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Kapil greeted John Abraham and Divya Khosla Kumar, who were in town to promote their film Satyameva Jayate 2, in a recent episode. The pictures of John flaunting his abs have created a buzz on social media. Check out the pictures

In his recent episode, Kapil welcomed John Abraham and Divya Khosla Kumar, who were in town to promote their film Satyameva Jayate 2. The comedian praised the actor’s physical health. He joked that he is afraid of John’s strength because the trailer for his upcoming flick shows him slamming people. He also informs Divya that she is beating up on a couple of males on the show, which contradicts her kind demeanor.

A few photos from the sets have recently gone viral on the internet, showing John flaunting his abs and doing push-ups. Kapil emphasized the importance of a healthy diet and discipline in maintaining a healthy body. John even lifted his tee-shirt to reveal his abs. Kapil complimented John on being a vegetarian who obtains his protein from plant-based foods. They used various examples to persuade the audience not to be harsh to animals.

Kapil quipped that John has three roles in the upcoming film and wonders if Divya was forced to participate due to budget restrictions. She thanked John instead, saying that they had a great day shooting together.

A weighing machine was also delivered. It indicated John’s weight as 84 kg when he stood on it. Kapil invited Archana to weigh herself.
Kapil tried to impress Divya by asking if her radiance is due to her health or her wealth. He informed the audience that Divya is reminded to eat by someone. He also inquired about Bhushan Ji’s payment for the film. It made everyone in the room chuckle.

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John was forced to perform push-ups. Kapil attempted to join him but failed. Archana explained that when she married Parmeet, they resided in an apartment on the 4th floor with no elevator. Parmeet used to carry her all the way up, she says. Parmeet must have done it on the first day, Kapil chuckled. Satyameva Jayate 2 has hit the theatres and is getting rave reviews from the audience.

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