Sathya – Oru Oorula Oru Rajakumari Mahasangamam: Sathya Throws Coffee At Kanmani’s Mother

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August 9, 2020


2 min


Are you enjoying the new episodes of Sathya and Oru Oorla Oru Rajakumari Mahasangamam? Well in the previous episode, we saw that Sathya and Prabhu visit Rasathi and Iniyan’s village. When Kanmani takes a dig at Rasathi and attempts at slapping Rasathi with her sandal, Sathya not only stops Kanmani but also slaps her and warns her to stay away from Rasathi.

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In the latest episode, Sathya and Prabhu stay at Rasathi and Iniyan’s house. When Kanmani’s mother sees the guests at Rasathi’s house, she tries to find out about them. Later, Azhagu introduces Kanmani’s mother to Sathya and tells her that the woman is very nosy and evil just like her daughter.

Sathya, while drinking coffee, notices that Kanmani’s mother is trying to eavesdrop their conversation. So, Sathya throws hot coffee on her face and pretends like she accidentally did it. Prabhu, who witnesses all of this, talks to Sathya in private and explains to her that she can’t be rude to people as Rasathi will have to face the wrath after they (Prabhu and Sathya) leave.

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