Sathya Enna Penkutty: How would things change for Satheeshan and Sujitha, now that Abhijith is dead?

Abhijith is finally dead and it is high time that Satheeshan and Sujitha reconsider their life decisions if they don’t want to end up like him.

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April 19, 2021


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There is no doubt that the fans of Sathya Enna Penkutty have been left stunned by the quick escalations in the show. In the latest episode of the show, we saw things take a sudden turn as the truth about Sudhi and Divya’s marriage came out. Abhijit, who couldn’t control his emotions stabbed and killed Divya. Sathya, who saw this unfortunate incident take place, took things into her own hands, and killed Abhijit. As sad as it sounds, Sathya is now under police custody for murder. Now that Abhijit is finally no more, there will be some peace at the Manimangalam family. But, Satheeshan and Sujitha are still roaming free.

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The death of Abhijith came as a shocker for many, including his associates. Satheeshan and Sujitha never thought they would see a day when their leader is killed off. However, now that he is finally gone, Satheeshan and Sujitha need to find some peace for themselves. Both Satheeshan and Sujitha were associated with Abhijit’s plans for a while now. They both had some parts to play in this huge downfall of things. For Satheeshan, Abhijith’s death might be a reminder to step away from this path of destruction, while for Sujitha, it is nothing but a wake-up call to reconsider her decisions in the past.

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Satheeshan has been a great partner for Abhijit. Fully vested in the latter’s plans, he always saw the ultimate success at the end of it and nothing else. However, Abhijit’s sudden death is definitely a blow for Satheeshan and his wicked mind. He always just thought about cheating his way through things and money was everything he cared about. Now that things have gotten out of hand, Satheeshan must realise how much his greed for money had consumed him; so much so that he was working along with a cold-blooded murderer.

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It is not too late for him as Sudhi and the family have some trust still left in him. Satheeshan could either choose to be a changed man and stick along with his business or just admit his mistakes and move away. Either way, he has a second chance in front of him which he must not blow. On the other hand, there is Sujitha, who was never on the same page as Abhijith and Satheeshan and yet got caught up in the big act. Now, Sujitha’s decisions have always been questionable and she has by now sunk to the lowest point in her life. This was pointed out by Chandradas on his way out of Manimangalam and he was right.

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Sujitha is never one to kill. Although bad at heart, she is not evil enough to kill someone. She hates Sathya and this hatred has driven her till now. Even at Divya’s death, we saw Sujitha pointing the finger at Sathya for causing it. However, she was corrected by Divya herself, and the fact that Abhijith was the one behind it, was indeed a wake-up call for Sujitha. She was associated with a murderer without even knowing what was happening. Her deep-rooted hate had blinded her of the bigger picture and we could see her regret her decisions in that very instant.

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Although associated with the mishap, Sujitha is still family and it will be surprising if the people at Manimangalam give her a second chance. This is a wake-up call for Sujitha to stop and reconsider her decisions in life. She must realise that her hurtful words and egoistic actions had repercussions she must understand and move on from.

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