Sathya Enna Penkutty: Here’s why Chandradas leaving Manimangalam was a turning point

Chandradas always had the right intuitions which nobody at Manimangalam understood. Things could have been much different if Chandradas had never left.

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April 23, 2021


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Chandradas is one of the calmest and most composed characters in Sathya Enna Penkutty. Having the ability to understand people and situations well, he always had an edge over other members at Manimangalam. However, things got a bit messy towards the end, and even Chandradas had begun losing sight of what was important. After failing miserably to help his son, he simply left the fight and chose to take off from the family. No one in the family including Sudhi stopped him and we think this was a great mistake from their side.

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Chandradas is a man of values and thus, he couldn’t stand with Sudhi’s decision to leave Sathya and marry Divya. Sudhi was walking right into Abhijith’s trap when he decided to do this, which he couldn’t figure out. However, Chandradas tried to explain that something was off, which he didn’t listen to, ultimately leading to a series of troubles. Sudhi’s nonchalant behaviour had begun to prove costly as Sathya lost all hope and left Manimangalam.

Sathya Enna Penkutty
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Sathya simply gave up on Sudhi and left him alone to make decisions. Chandradas was disheartened by the decision and his fallout with the family began there. He tried to talk some sense into his son, but the attempts were in vain. What agitated him further was the fact that Divya entered Manimangalam with all the authority she could ask for. We even saw Chandradas telling Sujitha, that Divya has changed but nobody listened. Chandradas’ investigative attempts to prove his claims also fell short.

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The final fall came when he realised that Sudhi had decided to marry Divya. Having no temperament to watch this happen, Chandradas packed his bags and left. He simply left the family and nobody held him back. Now, we all know how the wedding went down and we can’t help but wonder how it could have been avoided if someone listened to Chandradas in the first place. He knew something was off from the beginning and had even pointed fingers at Sujatha and Abhijit for cooking up something evil.

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Sudhi was in a trance all this while and his wake-up call came too late when he saw Divya lying dead on the floor. Chandradas’ intuitions were right all along, and it was Sudhi who is to blame for not respecting it. Long before the whole wedding fiasco even begun, Chandradas was on point to figure out that Sudhi never really understood Sathya. Sudhi and everyone in the Manimangalam family would have led a different life if they had understood and accepted the things Chandradas had to say.

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