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Sambhavna Seth Slams Netizens Who Criticized Her For Vlogging Sidharth Shukla’s Last Rites


September 7, 2021

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Sambhavna Seth gave a befitting reply to netizens who criticized her for blogging Sidharth Shukla’s vlog.

Sambhavna Seth was among the few celebrities who attended the funeral of TV actor Sidharth Shukla. On 3rd September, the actress was slammed by various celebrities and netizens for shooting the last rites of the actor. The actress was seen losing her patients at the cops who were trying to calm her down when she was trying to vlog the funeral.

Sambhavna Seth took to her Twitter account and gave a befitting reply to the netizens and celebs who allegedly accused her of disrespecting a sensitive issue saying, “We being celebs were concerned as fans too to know about @itsSSR family and friends at his funeral.. Same way @sidharth_shukla fans were also glued with tv sets to know what his family and friends are going through. They have all the right to know what is happening inside. And giving a general insight to his fans through media or social media is not a crime unless you are leaking inside video or pictures. Which i didn’t. Those who are becoming over smart with their tweets were also scrolling there social media feeds to know what was happening there.”

Sambhavna Seth continued, “And those blaming me for making a vlog of it, first of all go and watch my full vlog keeping your jealousy aside. I didn’t show even single pic or video from there. Like your daily job is blaming. Mine is vlogging same as acting/dancing. Because I find it better to capture my unfiltered feelings myself and post it on my youtube channel than paying paparazzis like others to follow me at gym, shopping malls and funerals. I am my own representer dear chaps & chicks. So chill.”

The actress also shared her reason for losing her cool at Sidharth Shukla’s funeral location. The actress shared in her vlog that she and her husband were present at the last rites of Sidharth Shukla but, got into a heated argument as they were inquired if they were even supposed to be there or not.
The actress also got upset onto how her husband was mistreated.

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