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Ronit Roy Slams Bollywood A-Listers Who Have Increased Their Fees Amidst The Pandemic; Slams Them For This Reason


October 18, 2021

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According to Ronit Roy, while the incomes of Bollywood’s top stars have risen during the epidemic, salary cutbacks remain the standard for everyone else in the industry

While the wages of Bollywood’s top stars and superstars have increased over the pandemic, poor individuals working in the business have had to bear the burden of salary cutbacks, according to actor Ronit Roy. He has confirmed that all of the A-listers have raised their fees, and gareebon ka paisa kaat rahe hain (they are cutting salaries of poor people). This is something extremely wrong that is occurring in the film profession. Ronit, who has always been open about money, spoke up about the same in a recent interview.

It’s all bullshit when they try to decrease pay for individuals who don’t come from well-off families. What would the producers obtain if they reduce a lightman’s salary? If they have to do a paycut they should do a paycut of the A-list actor and not of the poor person. That’s simply not right, not just according to us, but even to Ronit Roy. He has previously discussed how he personally suffered a financial problem during the epidemic. Ronit, who owns a security firm and has several Bollywood stars among his customers, stated that, with the exception of a few performers, everyone opted to withdraw. During his financial difficulty, it was only Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, and Karan Johar who stood by him, rest of them ran away saying they will come back after Covid is over. Ronit, on the other hand, opted to retain his 125-person workforce on the payroll and pay their wages out of his personal resources.

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Ronit described the last year and a half as a period of grief for the majority of people. He has been in grief for a year and a half. There are a number of lessons to be drawn from this. He has been a recluse for almost a decade and a half. He is gradually releasing the shackles that bound him to life or society. For him there has been myself, my family, my career, and my health for over a decade and a half. There is nothing else. They are the only things on which he concentrated. However, there are several things that he learnt that have been reinforced. He questions himself at times. But in the last year and a half, he has gained confidence that he is on the correct track.

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