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Rani Rashmoni 16 November, 2021 Written Update: Kumudini Overhears Padma and Jagadamba Arguing


November 24, 2021

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After eating the `bhog’ Annada and Kamala meet Kumudini at the ghat at night. Kamala advices her not to come before Dwarika till he learns to value her love. Kumudini tells them how Nagen and his men chased her in the jungle. She says Gadadhar brought her back from the jungle and let her stay in his house. Sarada also comes there and tells them that Dwarika and Kumudini will be reunited if it is Ma Jagadhatri’s will. Next day at Ma Jagadhatri’s puja, Jagadamba makes Dwarika offer a saree and jewellery in Kumudini’s name and pray for her. This makes Ramchandra angry. Later, Padma tells Jagadamba that she will not accept Kumudini even if she is found and they have a fight over this issue.

In the previous episode of Rani Rashmoni, Dwarika meets Rudreshwar and grabs the saree he was burying. Dwarika tells him it belongs to his wife Kumudini and asks him where she is. When Rudreshwar says he doesn’t know her whereabouts, Dwarika goes to the temple and tells his brothers he will not return home without Kumudini. Kumudini who sees him in this state also starts crying. Sarada tells her they are destined to be together and asks her to pray to Ma Jagadhatri. Later, Kumudini sees Dwarika sitting at the ghat and leaves `bhog’ for him. Dwarika senses her presence and repeatedly calls out her name begging her to come before him.

In the latest episode of Rani Rashmoni, Dwarika goes to look for Kumudini when she doesn’t answer him. Kumudini then comes to the Ghat and picks up his half-eaten bowl of ‘bhog’. As she clutches the bowl and cries, Kamala and Annada come there and see her.

Kamala tells her not to come before Dwarika till he learns to value her. She tells Kumudini how Dwarika refused to look for her and only when he found out that she may be dead, he goes to look for her. Kamala tells Kumudini that a woman should be valued while she is alive and not after her death.

When they ask her how her saree ended up at the burning ghat at Rudreshwar’s prayer site, Kumudini tells them how she was chased by Nagen and his men in the jungle.

Kumudini says she doesn’t remember anything about going to Rudreshwar’s site. All she knows is that when she woke up, she found herself at Sarada’s home. She says that Gadadhar brought her back from the jungle and let her stay at their house. Just then, Sarada comes to the ghat and assures Annada and Kamala that Dwarika and Kumudini will be reunited if it is Ma Jagadhatri’s will.

At the Jagadhatri puja the next day, Jagadamba gets a saree and jewellery to offer to Ma Jagadhatri in Kumudini’s name. She tells Dwarika to make the offering and pray that Kumudini returns home soon.

Ramchandra overhears this and says he wouldn’t accept Kumudini as the bride of the house if she returned. He says he doesn’t want people to malign the family for accepting a girl who was taken by dacoits. When Trilokya supports Ramchandra, Jagadamba tells him not to interfere when elders are speaking. Jagadama tells Ramchandra that she kept quiet earlier and allowed Kumudini to be wronged but won’t allow that to happen anymore.

When Annada hopes Kumudini and Dwarika reunite and Kumudini returns home soon, Kamala tells her that it’s not that simple. Kamala explains that Ramchandra and Padma will not accept Kumudini if she returns home and there will be a lot of hurdles in Dwarika and Kumudini’s way.

As Dwarika prays for Kumudini before the goddess, Kumudini comes with Sarada and prays for his health and happiness. Meanwhile, Padma makes it clear to Jagadamba that even if Kumudini returns she will not accept her and let her stay in the house. Kumudini overhears Jagadamba and Padma fighting over her.

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