7 Most Entertaining Movies That You Must Watch This Ugadi


March 20, 2020


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Premier Padmini (2019)

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A light-hearted film, Premier Padmini is about a middle-aged man, Vinayak, played by the very talented Jaggesh, who is facing a mid-life crisis. His journey of dealing with this crisis is what keeps the emotional graph of the film high throughout. The movie is all fun, and to top this, Jaggesh does a commendable job with his character.

Love Guru (2009)

Love Guru

Love Guru focuses on Pratham, Kushi (Radhika Pandit) and Sharan, who land a particular job at the same time. This romantic comedy is an absolute entertainer when Kushi gets caught up in a complicated love triangle. Directed by Prashant Raj, Kushi’s character by Radhika Pandit will melt your hearts and her performance in this film is one of the best of her career!

Rajadhani (2011)

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Rajadhani is a film to watch if you’re looking for something more vintage! The story is of five youngsters who represent the youth and their ability to lose their way in society. Yash, who plays one of the five youngsters, also gets into a lot of trouble when he comes in contact with corrupt government officials. What makes this film a must-watch is the fact that as it gets older, it seems more and more relevant in today’s scenario.

Hebbuli (2017)

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Hebbuli is one of the most talked-about films, starring Sudeep and Amala Paul. Captain Ram, played by Sudeep, rescues Dr. Nandini (Amala Paul) who then becomes his romantic interest. Later that day, Ram receives a letter stating his brother Sathyamurthy’s death. His brother also happens to be an IAS officer. Captain Ram sets off to find the reason for his brother’s death and this very investigation is what truly keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

Kurukshetra (2019)


Based on the epic poem of Gadhayuddha by Ranna, Kurukshetra, directed by Naganna, is told from Duryodhana’s perspective. Starring ‘Challenging Star,’ Darshan plays the flawed protagonist with finesse which makes this film worth a watch.

Natasaarvabhowma (2019)

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Gagan Dixit is an investigative journalist who has come all the way from Kolkata for a job. He also gets his first break when he exposes union minister Ghanashyam Yadav for his corrupt practices. However, circumstances bring the two together and Gagan ends up experiencing certain supernatural events in the house that he stays in. While the story begins at a slow pace, his encounter with the minister along with his experiences in that haunted house is filled with action, that will keep you hooked!

Thayige Thakka Maga (2018)

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Mohan Das played by Ajai Rao is an aspiring karate trainer and the son of a very renowned lawyer. Life takes a turn when Mohan comes to the realisation that he is surrounded by crime and corruption and resolves to put an end to it. In the meantime, Mohan also falls in love with Saraswathi played by Ashika Ranganath. Speaking of which, the romantic tracks in this film are one of a kind.

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