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Prema Entha Madhuram 15 August 2022 Upcoming Story: Raaji enters Rajanandini’s room


August 18, 2022

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Raaji enters Rajanandini’s room to bring her photo but soon, she invokes Rajanandini. Watch the premiere episodes of Prema Entha Madhuram serial on ZEE5.

In the next episode, the priests arrive at Arya’s house for the puja and ask Sharada Devi to bring Rajanandini’s photo so they can start on the Shanti puja. Sharada Devi then asks Anu to go to Rajanandini’s room and bring her photo. Though Arya feels hesitant, Raaji enters Rajanandini’s room and is surprised to see her photo. Soon, Raaji invokes Rajanandini and sits on the rocking chair.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Raaji agreed to act as Anu and put forth some conditions to Arya. Upon reaching the city, Arya got her to change her attire and made her wear a ‘mangalsutram’ and toe rings. They then went to Anu’s colony to meet Subbu and Padma, who got emotional on seeing her. Arya made a futile attempt to make Raaji realise that she is Anu. Later, Raaji insisted on meeting her siblings and checking on their accommodation. Arya then took her to his house while Anu is surprised to see the huge bungalow. Anu’s return overjoyed Sharada Devi and she welcomed the couple. Raaji’s dialect stunned Sharada Devi, while Mansi and Sheela started to suspect her and questioned her. Raaji was amazed on seeing Arya’s room, while Mansi and Sheela planned to find out if she is pregnant. At night, Jende got frustrated trying to teach etiquettes to Raaji, who slipped her tongue at many points during dinner. Before bedtime, Sharada Devi walked in on Raaji and Arya and was shocked when Raaji questions about Rajanandini. Meanwhile, Raghupati eavesdropped on Raaji’s siblings and confirms that Raaji is acting as Anu.


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