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Prema Entha Madhuram 01 July 2022 Written Update: Arya’s victory over Ragasudha


July 4, 2022

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Arya’s lawyer presents all the evidence against Ragasudha and deliberately provokes her into confessing that she had murdered Rajanandini. Thus, Arya wins the case against her.

In the previous episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Ragasudha and her lawyer are stunned when the defense lawyer produces the evidence against them. After multiple confrontations, Ragasudha confesses that she made Anu forge Rajanandini’s signature.


In the next episode of Prema Entha Madhuram, Ragasudha continues to feign innocence and requests the judge to punish Arya. Arya’s lawyer tells her that Arya cannot be punished based solely on the audio clips that she presented. He also mentions that she could have created the fake audio note and asks her if she does not have a video clip related to the audio. As Ragasudha denies having the video with her, Arya’s lawyer reveals that they have evidence to what is in the video, leaving her tensed. He tells the judge that Ragasudha intruded Arya’s office to steal the DVD and edited it to her advantage.

Arya’s lawyer calls Kumar, the media channel’s editor, to the witness box. Kumar explains that a blind person gave him the DVD and asked him to telecast the video. Ragasudha panics as Kumar narrates that in the video, Ragasudha killed Rajanandini while she was blindfolded and calling for Arya. He further confesses to not informing the police about it and using the audio to increase their channel’s ratings. Vasishtha tries to escape as Kumar reveals how he wrecked their office to steal the DVD and the edited audio clip, but the police catch him. Arya’s lawyer lays allegations on Ragasudha, who keeps denying them. He then starts provoking Ragasudha by accusing her of stabbing Rajanandini, but Ragasudha gets enraged and ends up confessing to killing Rajanandini by pushing her.

Arya’s lawyer rests his case, and Arya enters the witness box to confess to the judge that the video of Ragasudha stealing the documents was only a recreation since they did not have evidence to prove it. He apologises to the court, while Ragasudha’s lawyer raises an objection and accuses Arya of cheating everyone. Arya’s lawyer dismisses his statement. Finally, the judge sentences Ragasudha to 10 years of jail time and 3 years to Vasishtha. He charges a fine of INR 5000 to Arya for deceiving the court and also appreciates Arya for cooperating with the police and the court proceedings with patience. Soon, the media spreads the news of Arya’s victory over Ragasudha.


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