Pookalam Varavayi: What all can Ashokan do if he is kicked out of Kalapurackal?

As Ashokan’s removal from the family seems inevitable, here’s what he could do now to continue his fight against Sharmila.

In a recent episode of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw a fully recovered Abhimanyu return home from the hospital. Abhimanyu’s time in the hospital did have a silver lining as he realised that Samyuktha looked after him during the time and he is now thankful to her. However, it all could go downhill real fast as he is yet to learn that Ashokan now lives at Kalapurackal with his wife’s support.

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Ashokan is currently staying at Kalapurackal and Abhi is yet to face him after the accident. Currently, Abhi is totally unaware of the fact that Ashokan saved his life. It also has to be noted that he looked after Samyuktha during the period. But, convincing Abhi of these facts could be a difficult task for Samyuktha as the whole family will be planning against it.

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As of now, Sharmila and Saudamini are eagerly waiting for Abhi to return home so they can start their wicked plan yet again. We already saw Saudamini’s attempt to poison Harshan’s mind bearing fruit as his relationship with Saptathi has begun to take a sour turn. Now, the evil aunt is sure to play the same card again once Abhi is back home.

Abhimanyu already has hate for Ashokan boiling in his mind and a meeting of the two at Kalapurackal might lead straight to a fight. The only thing that could prevent this is if he listens to Samyuktha or Sapthathi. As of now, Sapthathi won’t have a say in this as anything she says in support of Ashokan will further ruin her relationship with Harshan. Moreover, Harshan is now all against Ashokan and Abhi is sure to take his words into account and act upon them.

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Ashokan’s removal from the family seems inevitable. Unless something extremely surprising happens, it is clear that Abhi will kick him out of Kalapurackal without even giving time for explanations. Considering Ashokan’s character, the first thing he will resort to will be to find pieces of evidence against Sharmila to prove her involvement in Abhi’s accident. Ashokan is angry at the fact that his brother still trusts Sharmila and he’ll be on the lookout to destroy this trust.

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Apart from this, it is possible that Ashokan might go right back to where he started and resume legal actions against the family. Even though his intentions are clean, it will take a tough path to win over Sharmila and it is understandable that Ashokan will have to involve the police and court in it. Now that Samyuktha and Sapthathi are also his allies, he will have more support than ever to continue the case.

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