Pookalam Varavayi: The impact of Abhimanyu’s comeback might not be how we thought it to be

Ever since Abhi’s admission to the hospital, things have changed a lot at Kalapurackal, and it will be surprising to see what happens as he returns.

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February 22, 2021


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In the previous episode of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw Abhimanyu recover and he is now fully conscious. It is only a day or two until he heads back to Kalapurackal with Samyuktha. Like we all had thought, the dreadful event had a silver lining to it as Abhimanyu’s realisation that Samyuktha looked after him during the time made him fall even deeper for her. Abhimanyu is now happy but things can turn bad at any moment now.

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After he was admitted to the hospital, things have changed quite a bit and it could come as a surprise for Abhi. For once, Sharmila and Saudamini achieved a lot of what they intended to do and this has led to an unfortunate setting in the family for Abhi to return. As of now, neither Ashokan nor Samyuktha managed to gather any valuable proof of Sharmila’s involvement in the issue and are currently on the lookout for the same.

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Abhimanyu is still trusting Sharmila, unaware of her evil side and Samyuktha and Ashokan’s plans might soon go to waste if Abhi gets back home and Sharmila welcomes him with her lovable act. Meanwhile, Ashokan is currently staying at Kalapurackal and Abhi is yet to face him after the accident. Even though Ashokan saved Abhi’s life and looked after Samyuktha during the period, Abhi doesn’t know of the same and will take some serious convincing if he was to believe it.

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Abhimanyu’s hate for Ashokan still boils in his mind and a meeting of the two at Kalapurackal might lead straight to a fight. On top of this, Saudamini’s attempt to poison Harshan’s mind seems successful as his relationship with Saptathi has begun to take a sour turn. Abhimanyu’s return could well be defined by this development as it could lead him to rage at Ashokan for the same. Considering Abhimanyu’s anger, it is probable that he will kick out Ashokan at once.

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Meanwhile, it is also a waiting game to see how Abhimanyu treats Samyuktha once they are back home. Abhi is currently thankful to her, but Sharmila is probably ready at home with some sharp words to manipulate him against Samyuktha, just like she did with Harshan. Being the gullible person he is, it won’t be a surprise if he believes whatever Sharmila sings into his ears.

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