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Pookalam Varavayi: Sharmila should learn how to be a better mother from Parvathy

Shrudi Shyam

April 17, 2021

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Whether it’s loving the children or merely showing some empathy, there’s a lot Sharmila can learn from Parvathy.

For anyone looking from the outside, Sharmila from Pookalam Varavayi would seem like the perfect mother. In fact, she’s so ideal that she loves Abhimanyu much more than she loves her own son Harshan. But that’s all a facade, and we know how truly evil Sharmila is. She’s the exact opposite of what a mother should be like, and could definitely learn a thing or two from Samyuktha and Saptathi’s mother, Parvathy.

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Parvathy has been a lovely character throughout. In fact, she’s so loveable that even the seemingly heartless Abhimanyu has always had a soft corner for her. Sharmila on the other hand is all pretense. Let alone Abhimanyu, she doesn’t even care about her own son Harshan’s happiness. The way she recently tried to lead Saptathi towards a miscarriage completely proved that.

Saudamini and Sharmila
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On the other hand, Parvathy loves her children more than anything. She is always seen giving them a piece of positive advice. Parvathy never differentiates between Samyuktha and Saptathi. She even kept her self-respect aside and came to stay with her daughters, despite knowing how despicable Sharmila and Saudamini are.

Saptathi and Parvathy
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Sharmila’s greed knows no bounds. She’s become so evil in her pursuit for everything to happen according to her wishes, that she’s ready to sacrifice her own children to get what she wants. In the recent episodes, we saw how at first she tried to kill Samyuktha and Abhimanyu with the poisoned cake, then the poisoned neyy and now she’s gotten Abhhimanyu framed in a fraud case. And to top it all off, she even sent a goon to rob him of the cash he borrowed from his friend.

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This isn’t how any good human being is supposed to be, let alone a mother. While Sharmila is busy plotting against her children, Parvathy is doing everything in her power to help them. That poor woman was even ready to sell her own house to help Abhimanyu so that his remarriage with Samyuktha could happen without any hurdles. Sharmila should definitely learn something from Parvathy on how to be a better mother and a better human being.

Parvathy and Abhimanyu
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