Pookalam Varavayi: How will Jacintha’s newest revelation impact Abhi and Samyuktha’s sinking marriage?

Jacintha’s revelations have caused doubts in Samyuktha’s mind about Abhimanyu. Can this affect their already troubled marriage? Let’s find out.

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February 26, 2021


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In a recent episode of Pookalam Varavayi, we saw Abhimanyu start a big fight with Samyuktha following his return from the hospital. Abhi is easily manipulated once again by Sharmila, which leads him to attack Ashokan for living with his family. He forcefully kicks out Ashokan, who warms him, saying he was taking a wrong decision. However, Abhi’s problems were only about to start as Samyuktha decides to stand up for Ashokan and everything he did.

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Samyuktha challenges Abhimanyu, saying that he can’t separate the blood bond they share. This is where things begin to go downhill, as Abhimanyu picks up a knife in rage and threatens to cut himself and release the blood that Ashokan donated for him. Samyuktha stops him and pushes him away. She breaks down seeing Abhimanyu’s action and is now feeling helpless about his behaviour, noting that this is not the first time he did such a thing in anger.

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Now, Abhimanyu and Samyuktha are in two different spaces in their marriage and they are finding it worse to put up with each other by every passing day. To make things worse, Sharmila decides to step up her game and calls Jacintha and asks to meet her. Later, we see Jacintha call Samyuktha and request for a confidential meeting, where she tells her that Abhimanyu has transferred Rs 5 lakhs from the company account to his personal account.

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After confirming the same, Samyuktha gets suspicious of Abhi’s act and starts connecting the dots. She decides to check his phone, only to get caught and it starts yet another fight between the two. Now that the duo is already struggling with each other, the newest revelation means Samyuktha is more suspicious about Abhimanyu. His spontaneous anger, his sudden disappearances, and the missing amount of money, all come together to suggest that Abhi has been up to something behind Samyuktha’s back.

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Let us not forget the fact that the duo is still under couple therapy and their marriage was saved from breaking down at one of these counselling sessions. As of now, Abhi is disturbed by the fact that his wife now favours Ashokan, who is his enemy, while Samyuktha has doubts over Abhimanyu. Unless the couple confronts each other and clear what’s boiling in their minds, chances are high that it will get dirty and their fights will never stop. At the moment, the duo’s marriage seems to be acting like a ship bound to sink and we can only wait and watch what the duo does next.

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