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Pookalam Varavayi: Here’s why Samyuktha should stick to her decision to not remarry Abhimanyu!

Shrudi Shyam

April 4, 2021

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Samyuktha’s stance on remarrying Abhi might just be one of her best decisions so far. Read on to know why.

Abhimanyu and Samyuktha on Pookalam Varavayi have been in love for a long time now, although Abhi never accepts his feelings. This has left Samyuktha broken-hearted. No matter how much she tries to be all cheery and bubbly, her pain is pretty evident to us. Recently on Pookalam Varavayi, Abhi and Samyuktha’s remarriage has been proposed, but Samyuktha hasn’t agreed to it yet. While any other time we would’ve questioned her decision, given the circumstances, this seems like the best option right now.

Check out what’s happening on Pookalam Varavayi:

In the recent episodes of the show, we saw a renowned Swamiji come to Kalapurackal. He advised Samyuktha and Abhi to get remarried as their marriage did not happen in ideal circumstances. The reason for this was that Abhi’s life is in danger and the only thing that can protect him is Samyuktha’s company.

Swamiji visits Kalapurackal
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Although this could’ve been a reason to rejoice for everyone, Samyuktha disagreed to get remarried, and we think that she took the right decision. Parvathy tried a lot to get Samyuktha to say yes to the marriage but in vain. Her reasons are simple. Abhi never expresses his love for her. In fact, he always insults her every time she tries to initiate anything remotely romantic. In such a scenario, what even is the point of remarrying?

Samyuktha and Parvathy
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Abhi, on the other hand, is as stubborn as ever. He heard Samyuktha’s conversation with Saptathi. He knows that all Samyuktha wants is for Abhi to confess his feelings. Despite knowing this, he’s trying to convince her through the hands of others. The only good thing that came out of this was Parvathy advising him on how to treat someone if you love them. And despite his behaviour all this while, there might be hope for him after all.

Parvathy and Abhi
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When Parvathy couldn’t convince Samyuktha, she sent Saptathi for the job. While we thought that Samyuktha might agree to the remarriage, it was pleasantly surprising to see that she stood her ground. Although she agreed that she’s worried about the money needed for the marriage, which is again a valid reason, she made it very clear that she won’t say yes until Abhi talks to her directly.

Saptathi and Samyuktha
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Samyuktha also talked to Parvathy about the divorce petition that has been filed in the court. While Parvathy couldn’t pacify her, she reached out to Abhi to express her concerns. Another good thing that came out of Samyuktha’s stance is that Abhi tore the copy of the petition, stating that nothing should come in the way of this marriage. This would definitely give Parvathy some peace of mind.

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Abhi tearing the Divorce petition copy
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Now that Abhi is losing patience, he might finally open up about his feelings to Samyuktha, although that won’t come easy. He will definitely not get to that unless he exhausts all his other options. But this decision of Samyuktha’s might just be the much-needed push for Abhi to confess his feelings.

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