PM Modi: “National Education Policy A Means Of Fulfilling Country’s Aspirations”

Approved in July, new policy will replace 34-year-old policy framed in 1986.

Sohil Nikam

September 7, 2020

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called the newly approved National Education Policy (NEP) a means of fulfilling the country’s aspirations. The PM was speaking at the inaugural session of the Governors’ Conference on the NEP. The new policy is India’s first since 1986 and among other things, aims to ease the pressure on students for taking specific streams by removing that requirement. The NEP focuses on “learning instead of studying” and is based on “critical thinking rather than curriculum” said Modi.

Urging the people of India to take collective responsibility to implement the NEP, the Prime Minister said, “Education policy and education system are important means of fulfilling the aspirations of the country. Centre, state government, local bodies, all are attached to the responsibility of the education system. But it is also true that the government, its interference in education policy, its impact, should be minimal. As a foreign policy, defence policy is of the country, not the government, so is education policy. It belongs to everyone.”

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