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Neeyum Njanum 29 June 2022 Written Update : Income Tax Raid Ensues at Rajanandini Vilasam


July 4, 2022

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Raids ensue at both Ravi Varman’s home and office. Officers do not find anything. Ravi Varman names the culprit Rose Mary behind this raid event as a trap set by his arch-rival in business.

In the previous episode of Neeyum Njanum, Sreelakshmi and Ravi Varman have the food their driver gets from Sudarshanan’s food cart. Ravi Varman leaves the place in a hurry as he receives a phone call from the office. An Income Tax raid ensues at the office. Sandra questions the officers about the reason behind the raid. Ravi Varman reaches the office.

In the next episode of Neeyum Njanum, the Income Tax officers continue the raid at the Varman Company but do not find what they are looking for. They apologise to Ravi Varman. However, Ravi Varman asks them on what basis they went there in the first place to which the officer replies that it was based on information they received that there was fake currency in the Varman Company’s office. Ravi Varman asks if it was from a lady and the officer replies in the affirmative. Ravi Varman tells him that he is aware of it and that he also knows who the person behind the call is. He informs the officer that the news was 100% true and that the money is very well present at the office itself. He names the culprit, Rose Mary, and calls out to her to step forward and warns her. He says that he had Rajaram scrutinise her whereabouts after she left the company initially on the pretext of pursuing higher studies and ended up finding out more than they bargained for. He mentions to the officer that she was later sent to rejoin Varman Company by his arch-rival who is currently in the Goan Jail and that Rose Mary has a criminal record spanning fraudulent activities and the dark web. The officers take away the money that Rajaram hands over and arrest Rose Mary.

The officers raiding Rajanandini Vilasam do not listen to Raghu Varman’s or Gayathriamma’s requests to wait till Ravi Varman gets there to open the secret room. They move on ahead and begin to break open the door when their higher authorities call in and tell them to halt the raid as it was a piece of false information that they had received. They apologise to Ravi Varman’s family and move out.

Ravi Varman gets back home and shows everyone what the current news is all about and warns Rekha and Raghu Varman that any decision they take, whether good or bad can either make or break the reputation of the Varman Company’s credibility. He reminds them that money can be made even if they lose it all, but goodwill is very hard to rebuild once lost.

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