Natural Disasters That Left The World Wounded In 2020

There were various natural disasters in 2020 that had intense repercussions in every way. Here is a look at a bunch of incidents of 2020 that are hard to forget.

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December 29, 2020

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2020 has been the year of natural disasters with multiple floods, earthquakes, and heavy cyclones that shook the world. The year started with the Australian Wildfires that left multiple people injured while various others lost their homes in the bushfires. The fire spread through various hectors and also killed many people along the way. This natural disaster was followed by various cyclones in India which resulted in the evacuation of various communities and societies. Indonesian floods and the earthquake in Turkey and Greece also added on to the mass destruction.

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2020 has caused a lot of distress around the world with the ongoing pandemic and the financial crisis, that followed. Most people have been affected by the virus and have also suffered horrible health conditions in the last few months. The year began with Australian bushfires, which had taken off in December 2019 and spread in various parts of the area within the next month. The bushfires spread across 18.6 million hectares of forest and over 30 people were killed in the calamity. Many species of animals were also killed in this duration and close to 400 people were killed due to the residual smoke inhalation.

Floods of Indonesia also wrecked lives in January 2020, as the floods occurred in Jakarta and various parts around it. The floods forced four lakh people, to evacuate from their houses as the destruction was massive. Around 66 people lost their lives during this calamity as the water speed was way too strong. In October 2020, a massive earthquake shook parts of Turkey and Greece. Izmir in Turkey suffered the most as an earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hit the area. Various aftershocks and Tsunamis followed the earthquake and put the place in a problematic spot.

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The next calamity that left the world wounded was the volcanic eruption of the Philippines. The eruption occurred at Taal in January and destroyed various tourist spots around the space. Thousands of people were forced to evacuate their houses as lands were covered in thick ash and poor air quality. It also killed around 39 people and injured many others. The last few months of 2020 witnessed various cyclones including Ampha and Nivar, amongst others. These cyclones also forced many people to evacuate and also resulted in landslides and heavy rains.

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