Mohanlal Birthday Special: Celebrate the occasion by watching the story of Lalettan’s craziest fan!

Are you an ardent Mohanlal fan? Then you have to watch Manju Warrier’s Mohanlal, depicting the story of a crazy Lalettan fan.

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May 21, 2021



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Mohanlal or ‘Lalettan’, as he is adoringly called, is undoubtedly one of the most loved stars in Kerala. The amount of love and admiration his fans have for him is truly incredible, and that’s exactly what forms the storyline of Mohanlal starring Manju Warrier. Today, as the Megastar turns 61, here’s why you should watch the story of his ardent fan, Meenukutty.

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If you’re a Malayali, you’re well aware of the decades-old debate around who’s the bigger star, Mohanlal or Mammooty. No matter which side you’re on, you can’t help but admire both the stars for their incredible work, although Mohanlal still enjoys an unmatched level of stardom and love. This love that Mohanlal gets from his admirers is what the 2018 film starring Manju Warrier focuses on.

Mohanlal, the film

Mohanlal starring Manju Warrier
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The film is a tribute to Mohanlal and revolves around Meenukutty(Manju Warrier) and her maniac adoration towards Mohanlal. Right from childhood, Mohanlal is all that matters to Meenukutty. She even makes her childhood friend and now husband, Sethumadhavan(Indrajith Sukumaran), imitate Mohanlal’s style. In fact, that’s how Sethu made his way into Meenukutty’s heart, by mimicking Mohanlal.

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A still from Mohanlal
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The story then follows various problems faced by Meenukutty and Sethu due to the former’s madness for the superstar. She constantly keeps saying Mohanlal’s dialogues in several situations in her life and also finds some kind of connection to Mohanlal and his various movie roles and scenes in every aspect of her life. Right from her first night with her husband to her small fights with him, everything in life reminds her of Mohanlal. Her craze also earns her the respect of local Mohanlal Fan Club members. But what happens when her obsession for Mohanlal crosses all boundaries is what follows the rest of the story.

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A still from Mohanlal
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Mohanlal is a must-watch for any fan of Lalettan. Although Meenukutty’s love for the star might be a tad bit too much, in most of the scenes she seems just like any other fan. If you’re a Mohanlal fan, you will totally relate to her in a lot of scenarios, like waiting for Mohanlal’s next release, whistling when his entry in the film happens, and more. The film also portrays the love and support Mohanlal’s fans give the star as well. Moreover, it also has some incredible soundtracks like La La Laletta, Thoovenilla, and the Mohanlal Fan Anthem, Changalla Changidipaane. In short, it’s the perfect watch to celebrate the star’s 61st birthday.

Catch Mohanlal’s crazy fan, Meenukutty’s story only on Mohanlal, streaming now on ZEE5.

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