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Meet 17 August 2022 Upcoming Story: Meet’s child and Anubha in danger


August 18, 2022

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A truck runs straight into the car, in which Anubha is sitting with Meet and Meet Ahlawat’s baby. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the next episode, Meet and Meet Ahlawat both see a truck speeding toward the car, in which Anubha is sitting with their baby. Meet shouts for Anubha to get out. At the same time, Meet Ahlawat also runs towards Meet and Anubha’s car while signaling her to get out. Anubha does not understand the gestures, but it is late when she understands them. The truck runs straight into Anubha’s car and hits it from behind. On seeing this, Meet and Meet Ahlawat gets shocked.

In the previous episode of Meet, Meet kicks the container with sand toward Kunal and Manushi to stop them. However, Kunal immediately kicks the pram towards the edge while Meet Hooda jumps and saves the pram from falling to the ground. Meet Ahlawat says that he will give her money, but Barfi Devi slaps him and tells him that he has to marry her daughter as a condition. Manushi takes the pram and elopes from there while Meet is distracted fighting with Kunal. Elsewhere, Meet Ahlawat tells Barfi Devi that he is already married to Meet and that he knows she is just pretending to be Manjiri for some reason. As soon as Meet Ahlawat lights Deep’s pyre on fire, Barfi Devi gives him an ultimatum to give her an answer before the pyre is extinguished. Meanwhile, Meet catches up to Manushi and tugs for the pram, which makes Manushi’s foot get stuck in the burning tar. Popat tells Meet that they should leave, and they walk away as Anubha requests Meet to forgive Manushi and help her. Kunal tries to help Manushi while a kid accidentally starts the road roller, which starts coming towards Manushi. After Anubha’s insistence, Meet climbs the road roller and manages to turn it off before it reaches Manushi. There, Meet Ahlawat comes to Popat and she reveals everything to him, including the fact that his child is alive. Further, Anubha plays with the kid, and she sees Meet on one side while Meet Ahlawat also is coming toward the car from the opposite side.

What will happen next?

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