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Meet 11 August 2022 Written Update: Meet struggles to get to the hospital on time


August 18, 2022

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Meet Ahlawat hides from Isha that she accidentally ran over Deep. Meet drives the ambulance to get to the hospital in time. Deep’s condition is critical, but the ambulance’s tyre gets punctured.

In the previous episode of Meet, a worried Babita asks the doctor about Rajvardhan’s health. The doctor tells Babita that Rajvardhan needs a heart transplant. On hearing this, everyone gets shocked. As the doctor informs everyone of the difficulties of the heart transplant surgery, the nurse arrives and tells him about Rajvardhan’s deteriorating health. Later, Manjari vows to save Rajvardhan’s life.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet Ahlawat gets emotional at the hospital when the doctor informs him about Deep’s critical state. He misses Deep while recalling some of the happy times spent with him. A panicked Isha calls Meet Ahlawat and tells him that she in a hurry hit someone with her car and is guilty of that. Meet Ahlawat breaks the news to Isha that it was not any random person but her husband Deep. Isha is traumatized and heartbroken to know that she is responsible for her husband’s bad health and the phone slips from her hand. Meet Ahlawat tries to calm Isha down but she is not in the state to listen to anything and slits her wrist in guilt. Then, Meet Ahlawat realises that he hallucinated about informing Isha of the truth, especially over the phone. He lies about Deep’s accident and tells Isha that it was a guy called Manish she hit who has not suffered from any major injuries and is being treated by the doctors. Meet Ahlawat pledges to save Deep as he swore to protect Isha’s happiness. Feeling helpless, Meet Ahlawat asks Deep to get up as Isha is waiting for him. Whereas, Ragini asks Tej to inform Meet Ahlawat about Rajvardhan’s condition as the family needs him. Babita prays to the Goddess to save Rajvardhan and requests Ram the same thing. The doctor asks Babita to sign the consent form as they have arranged the heart. Babita compares Manjari to Meet Hooda when she gets to know that Manjari convinced all the doctors to operate on Rajvardhan and is getting the organ with her in an ambulance. Manjari in Ambala decides to drive the ambulance on her own when the driver refuses due to the union strike. Other members of the union stop Manjari however she outsmarts them by telling them that she is Meet from Haryana and sets a timer of 55 minutes on her phone and heads to Chandigarh. The Ahlawats are relieved to know that Manjari has left Ambala. Rajvardhan’s heartbeat drops down whereas Deep gains consciousness and gets emotional to see Meet Ahlawat in such a vulnerable state. Deep requests Meet Ahlawat to take care of Barfi Devi and his younger sister after him. He also asks Meet Ahlawat to never reveal to Isha that she hit Deep. Deep and Raj are fighting death whereas the ambulance tire gets punctured causing a delay in Rajvardhan’s operation.

What will happen next?

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