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Meet 09 June 2022 Written Update: Meet defends Meet Ahlawat against Shanty


June 10, 2022

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Meet arrives to rescue Meet Ahlawat and fights Shanty and his henchmen. Meet Ahlawat tells Babita how Meet saved his life. Later, Rajvardhan asks Meet to tell the truth to the family. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Meet, Babita prepares pudding for Meet and Shanty poisons it. Meet tells Meet Ahlawat that Shanty has gone missing from the rehabilitation center. She decides to go to the police station, but Meet Ahlawat stops him. On learning about Shanty’s ploy, Meet throws the pudding away. Ragini informs Meet that Meet Ahlawat has left to drop Guruji and his disciples, leaving her worried.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet calls Meet Ahlawat and Shanty tries to answer the call. But Meet Ahlawat tosses away the phone. Meet listens to Shanty’s order to his goons over the call and gets worried. Meanwhile, Shanty’s goons beat Meet Ahlawat severely. Meet apologises to Meet Ahlawat and leaves the house to save him.

Soon after, Meet arrives and on seeing Meet Ahlawat’s condition, she turns furious. Meet urges her unborn child to fight Shanty with her. As Meet begins to hit Shanty’s goons, they get scared and flee. While conversing with her unborn child, Meet tosses the stick, which directly hits Shanty, and he gets injured. Shanty issues a warning to Meet, infuriating her. Meanwhile, Masoom tells Babita that Meet has left the house with a stick in her hand. She also instigates Babita against Meet. Babita then makes a call to the police station. On learning that Meet has gone to fight Shanty, Babita gets shocked. Masoom’s words leave Babita enraged and she goes in search of Meet.

Following that, Babita notices Meet sobbing and becomes concerned. An angry Babita misinterprets Meet’s unborn child and confronts her. At the same time, Meet Ahlawat comes, and on seeing him, Babita and Masoom get shocked. Meet Ahlawat confronts Meet for rescuing him. Later, he thanks Meet and informs Masoom and Babita about Shanty’s actions. When Meet Ahlawat informs Babita about how Meet saved his life, she is taken aback. Meet Ahlawat expresses his happiness and hugs Meet. On learning that Meet’s unborn baby is safe, Babita gets delighted.

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