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Meet 04 July 2022 Written Update: Manjari arrives at the Ahlawat mansion


July 5, 2022

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Manjari agrees to go home with Meet Ahlawat for Rajvardhan’s sake. The entire Ahlawat family embraces Manjari mistaking her for Meet. Later, Manjari meets the family members one by one.

In the previous episode of Meet, as Rajvardhan’s health worsens, Meet Ahlawat visits Manjari’s house to seek her help. Then, Hoshiyar shows Meet’s photo to Manjari. Popat tells Hoshiyar and Meet Ahlawat that Manjari is her niece. Meet Ahlawat asks Manjari to act as his wife.

In the latest episode of Meet, Meet Ahlawat asks Manjari to accompany him home and pretend to be his wife as his father is ill. However, Popat disagrees and asks how will this benefit Manjari. As Meet Ahlawat takes out a wad of cash, she agrees. Disgusted at Meet Ahlawat, Manjari declines the offer. But Popat manages to convince her. In the meantime, Hoshiyar tells Meet Ahlawat that he should have bot been so rude to Manjari. But he tells Hoshiyar that Manjari can do anything for money. At the same time, Manjari arrives with a suitcase and returns Meet Ahlawat’s money to him. She tells him that she will help him for Rajvardhan’s sake. Popat also accompanies Manjari, who then puts forth three conditions before Meet Ahlawat.

Soon after, Manushi tries to investigate if Manjari is Meet by talking to Anubha and Dadi. But she turns furious on hearing Anubha and Dadi’s words about Meet. Just as Manjari arrives at the Ahlawat mansion, everyone gets delighted. Elated with hoy, everyone runs to hug Manjari. When Babita decides to welcome Manjari, Meet Ahlawat declares that Manjari is not her daughter-in-law. Manjari and Meet Ahlawat’s fight leave everyone surprised. Hoshiyar introduces Manjari to everyone. Then, Meet talks to everyone and instantly establishes an emotional connection. She wins over everyone with her candid nature. While talking to Manjari, the family members reminisce about their time with Meet. Ram gets teary-eyed while meeting with Manjari. When Manjari addresses Babita as her mother, Babita gets emotional. Popat makes a deal with Hoshiyar. Later, Meet Ahlawat asks Sunaina to take Manjari to the guest room and prepare her to meet Rajvardhan.

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