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Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath 17 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Sameer and Yash assign a task to Aajoba


January 18, 2022

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After learning that Neha won’t be attending the party, Yash and Sameer assign a task to Aajoba. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the latest episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, Aajoba arrives at the palace. On seeing him, Yash gets delighted. Meanwhile, Shefali informs Sameer that Neha will not be attending the party. On hearing this, Sameer gets shocked and informs Yash about it. Later, Sameer and Yash assign the task of bringing Neha to the party to Aajoba.

In the previous episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, we have seen that, at a restaurant, a puzzled Shefali starts thinking about Sameer. At the same time, Sameer arrives and questions her. Just then, Sameer assigns Shefali the task of bringing Neha to the party. On hearing this, Shefali gets shocked and starts thinking about Neha and Yash. However, a wise Sameer manages to convince Shefali.

Soon after, Shefali goes to Neha’s house and puts on an act. On hearing Shefali’s words, Bandu Kaka and Kaku starts questioning her. Neha then informs them about her problem. Pari arrives and asks Shefali to stop crying, so she agrees. When Shefali asks Neha to come along with her for a party to celebrate her heartbreak, Neha refuses. An emotional Kaku tries to convince Neha. However, Neha refuses to listen to Kaku. So Shefali starts her act again. After witnessing Shefali’s drama, Neha agrees to go along with her to a party. Following that, Mithila calls Aajoba and Seema overhears her. As a result, Seema warns Mithila and berates her. Neha gets ready for the party. On seeing a decked up Neha, Shefali praises her.

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