Mauka-E-Vardaat Review: Ravi Kishan’s Narration And The Final Revelation Makes The First Episode Worthy Of Your Time

Mauka-E-Vardaat’s first episode revolved around a bride’s murder. Besides the fact that the show is based on real-life events, what makes it so different? Read our written update to find out.

Aditi Sharma

March 9, 2021


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Mauka-E-Vardaat is a Hindi crime show on &TV that showcases interesting and shocking cases of murders and other gruesome crimes. The show started airing on March 9 and in its first episode today, a bride’s murder case was investigated. Host Ravi Kishan narrated the story of a bride who was murdered on her wedding day.

The episode starts with Nibha getting ready for her wedding day. As she closes the door, a person is seen holding a gun in front of her. And the very next moment, Nibha is murdered and a man is seen hanging from the ceiling of her room. As the police investigate the case, they realise that she was pregnant.

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After the cops start talking to her family, they understand that she was carrying Pankaj’s child and wanted to marry him. While the police are looking out for different suspects, Dheeraj who used to study with Nibha’s sister, Vibha comes under their radar. The process with which they investigate different suspects is executed really well and you find yourself getting engrossed in the mystery.

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Later the cops question Dheeraj for Nibha’s murder and he informs them about their affair. He also admits to attending her wedding with a determination to ruin it.  Dheeraj then informs that he heard the sound of the bullet while Nibha was talking to someone.

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The police then investigate the murder location where they find a secret passage to Vibha’s room. Police arrest Vibha and question her. Vibha then reveals several aspects of her life which further unfold a big mystery. She explains how her life was a big misery because of her family’s financial conditions. She then explains how Pankaj came as a ray of hope in her life but he fell for her sister Nibha. Vibha said that she was jealous of her sister and hence decided to kill her. She then explains how she killed her sister on her wedding day. The big revelation definitely stuns you as a viewer and you wonder why you ever saw that coming.

While the story was gripping, Ravi Kishan as a powerful host made it more interesting. His dialogues and the way he narrated this chapter were intriguing to hear. Throughout the episode, Ravi keeps informing us about all the details and the process that went behind solving the case.  The direction of the episode was fine and the actors did a decent job as well. Editing, in particular, was crisp and it was a fast-paced thriller with some investigation work. With no dull moment whatsoever, the story kept you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Mauka-E-Vardaatakes pride in putting across real-life crime stories across its viewers. Besides Ravi Kishan, the show will also have Manoj Tiwari and Sapna Choudhary as its other hosts and we can’t wait to watch their episodes.

To know how Vibha planned Nibha’s murder and how the police found it, watch Mauka-E-Vardaat on ZEE5.

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