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MAA President Manchu Vishnu clears the air on an alleged clash with Pawan Kalyan


October 21, 2021

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Manchu Vishnu who has been recently elected as the MAA President came out to clarify the reports on an alleged clash with power star Pawan Kalyan at a recent event. Vishnu went on to state that there was no cold vibes exchanged between the actors and it was just a misinterpretation by their fans

The newly elected MAA president, Manchu Vishnu has yet again found himself in a controversy, this time with power star Pawan Kalyan. Vishnu, who recently shared stage with Pawan Kalyan at ‘Alai Balai’ event, of which he tweeted a video.  This particular video has drawn a lot of criticism and controversy.

According to people, the visuals of the video depicts Pawan Kalyan ignoring Manchu Vishnu on stage. Some people criticized Pawan for his behavior while some thought that Vishnu deserved it because of his unwanted comments on the ‘Mega’ family during the recent MAA elections.

After this blame game that took place among netizens online, Vishnu came out to clear the air on the issue. Wherein he cited the actual reason behind the visuals over which the controversy had erupted. Vishnu said that he had shared a video of him and Pawan Kalyan to surprise Pawan’s fans, which is a large number, as per him. Vishnu also stated that Pawan had not ignored him in any way on stage but they all were adhering to events protocol which restricted any conversation on stage. He also said that they certainly had an off stage chat.

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Hence it came out clear and open that there was nothing wrong between them at the event. That incident, according to Vishnu, was exaggerated. Going a step further Vishnu also said that the power star Pawan expressed that MAA is like a mother to him thus he urged him to protect it with full responsibility. To make their stance of camaraderie clear Manchu Vishnu also shared a YouTube link where both of them are seen to have a brief chat.

MAA elections has stirred a lot of controversy in Tollywood especially around Manchu Vishnu, who is seen by some as victor while some view him as their enemy not only among fans but also in the industry. However there is a legit collective opinion that can also serve as a piece of advice to Vishnu, is that setting aside all the controversy he should relentlessly work for MAA & progress of Telugu film industry. This will help in returning peace in industry and in the lives of the stars.

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