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Leonardo DiCaprio and his various environmental causes


September 13, 2021

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The actor just like giving his best to his characters on the screen, Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t shy away from speaking up and taking personal actions in the world of environmental activism

In the modern world, it is hard not to be environmentally conscious. And like all serious topics, one would expect Hollywood stars to stay away from it. But not Leonardo DiCaprio for whom issues of global warming, greenhouse gases, and green energy are as important as his roles. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities who often take up such causes to endorse brands that will pay their fees, Leonardo DiCaprio means every bit of and the result are his various charities. 

Leo’s Environmental Journey

Leonardo DiCaprio is probably one of the most well-known celebrities in the world of environmental activism. And according to the Hollywood actor, he had watched numerous documentaries during his childhood about various environmental issues. Hence, it was a topic that was always in the back of his mind. The environment is more precious in his opinion than any other social or religious belief. As a result, he has strived to utilize both his star power and his financial power to support the cause close to his heart. He also tries to use green energy and electric vehicles in a personal capacity to showcase his dedication to the cause.

Leonardo DiCaprio Environmental Charities- a Timeline

A non-profit organisation under his own name, ‘The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation was established in 1998. It was set up to spread awareness on environmental issues. A whopping amount of $1million dollars was donated by Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010 to the Wildlife Conservation Society. Leonardo DiCaprio also helped in raising funds for the Animal Legal Defense Fund in 2011. The campaign wanted to free a tiger, Tony, who had been enclosed for a decade in Louisiana.

The star raised nearly $40million for an art auction for his foundation for the purpose of environmental charity. In 2016, Leonardo DiCaprio continued his charity activities by donating at an event with Pope Francis, and at another instance his foundation donated around $16million to several other issues. In 2018, his charity concert raised $30 million, and his foundation once again donated around $100million. In the most recent timeline, Leonardo DiCaprio has pledged money for saving rainforests in Amazon, and the Galápagos Islands.

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