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Kundali Bhagya 30 June 2022 Written Update: Prithvi plans to attend the auction in Karan’s remembrance


July 4, 2022

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Prithvi steals money to attend the auction of Karan’s bat and waits to buy the bat to upset the Luthras. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rishabh and Preeta take a halt at the bazaar while going home from school as Kavya asks for ice cream. However, Kavya runs for something and finds herself stuck in front of a huge truck heading toward her. Out of nowhere, Karan comes running to save her. Preeta and Rishabh rush to Kavya but Karan taunts them and takes away Kavya in his car. Preeta and Rishabh find it weird and keep chasing Karan’s car as they assume it to be an abduction. During Kavya’s treatment at a hospital, Karan asks Kavya for her name. Her manner to introduce herself reminds Karan of himself. However, Karan loses his cool again when Kavya mentions that her father is Rishabh. Soon, Preeta and Rishabh arrive there to scold Karan for taking away their daughter. The doctor clarifies that this helped Kavya from facing serious health issues. Kavya’s statement about being a fearless girl reminds Karan of Preeta trying to act tough in the attic. After they leave, Anjali arrives at the hospital and lashes out at him for his erratic behaviour. She supports his plan to take revenge on Rishabh and Preeta. At the Luthra Mansion, Srishti picks up a fight with Sameer over not being informed about the auction for Karan.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi sees Dadi crying and asks her about it. Dadi, with teary eyes, reveals how the Luthras are planning Karan’s fifth death anniversary. She explains that an auction is being held to collect money for the cricket academy that Karan wanted. They all plan to make Karan’s dream come true by establishing a cricket academy that helps sportsmen train for free. Dadi tells Rakhi about the auction that will be held in Karan’s remembrance.

Prithvi, amongst a few gamblers in the slums, enjoys playing cards with them. One of them tells Prithvi that he is planning to buy a car and needs a few more bucks. Prithvi lies that he had the money to help him but he recently got jewellery for his wife. They all laugh at Prithvi and ask him to first arrange the money to pay his house rent. Prithvi, suddenly, sees a newspaper article about the auction of Karan’s bat. He steals the money from those men for his plan to buy the bat to put the Luthras down. Kavya asks Preeta to narrate a bedtime story like an Indian movie and then she tells Kavya her and Karan’s story.

Mahesh goes to his room and finds it strange to see Rakhi struggling to count currency notes. Anjali visits her friend Snigdha with Karan but Snigdha’s grandma asks them to stay there. Snigdha looks interested in Karan but Anjali reminds her that he is Nidhi’s fiance. Rishabh scolds his subordinate and asks him to get the CCTV footage of Kavya’s school. Sameer asks Rishabh about it and is shocked to learn about the incident with Preeta. Anjali sees Karan leaving but she suggests he stay at Snigdha’s house. She explains the reason behind it and then suggests a plan against Rishabh and Preeta.

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