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Kundali Bhagya 05 July 2022 Written Update: Karan invites Rishabh and the Luthras to a party


July 5, 2022

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Karan invites Rishabh and the Luthras to a party to be able to spend time with them. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rishabh and Preeta get emotional to see the arrangements of the auction for Karan. A man comes and asks Rishabh if he wants to announce anything before the auction begins. Prithvi arrives at the auction venue and bumps into Karan. He doesn’t recognise Karan, who uses it to make fun of Prithvi. However, Prithvi is shocked to realise that the words Karan, pretending to be Arjun, used to tease him were used only by him. Karan then steps behind Preeta, who feels his presence around but doesn’t the reason behind it. Rishabh tries to introduce Karan but he introduces himself as Arjun Sooryavanshi to Preeta. Karan begins to taunt Rishabh and Preeta over their loyalty, their relationships and a few more things. Sameer cuddles Karan for saving Kavya’s life earlier. Karan gets emotional to see him close and then lets him explain the details of the auction. As the auction begins, Rishabh expresses his feelings for Karan but he takes as if Rishabh is just doing it for the stage. Later, Karan complains about Prithvi and Rishabh gets the latter thrown out. Karan wins the cricket kit at the auction and then Preeta gets emotional while handing it over to him.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan, pretending to be Arjun, comes onstage to take the cricket kit after winning it at the auction. One of the journalists question Karan why he placed such a high bid to buy the kit. Karan replies that he is fond of cricket and follows a few great cricketers for a long time. He explains that he has a collection of cricket kits of all those cricketers. To cover his lies, Karan tells that the cricketer Karan is the twelfth on the list of his favourite cricketers. He hints to Preeta that love cannot be measured in money.

Karan invites Rishabh and Preeta to a party and asks them to get their family there. Preeta is hesitant about the party and Rishabh waits for her answer. She mentions that she is unsure as she has to look after Kavya and at that time she usually plays with her. Karan abruptly tells Preeta that she should stop playing games now. Sameer, Rishabh and Preeta are stunned to hear this. However, Karan quickly changes his tone and makes it appear that it was just a joke. He requests Preeta to come to the party along with her family members and she halfheartedly agrees.

Preeta strongly feels Karan’s presence around her but finds it hard to understand everything. Karan leaves from there and waits to expose her at the party. Sherlyn lashes out at Prithvi when he returns home. She explains why she could not return to Sanja despite his warnings. Rishabh tells the Luthras about Arjun and how he had saved Kavya’s life. Karan returns to Snigdha’s home and tells Anjali how he won the bid at the auction. He explains how he wants to hurt Rishabh and Preeta and meet his family at the party. Late at night, Karan waits to take revenge on Preeta. Preeta, who feels Karan’s presence, tells Srishti about it and the weird feelings that happen because of Arjun.

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