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Kumkum Bhagya 30 June 2022 Written Update: Prachi resolves to fight!


July 4, 2022

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Ranbeer overhears Rhea speaking and follows her. Sahana tells Prachi that she has to fight for her child. Rhea tells Alia her plan was terrible. To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Rhea invites Ranbeer to the party but he avoids Rhea and refuses to spend time with her. Rhea is ecstatic, believing she has finally defeated Prachi. Meanwhile, Daljeet is down after remembering Prachi’s promise. She tries to persuade Pallavi not to kick Prachi out of the house. Pallavi’s attitude toward Prachi is softened when she decides to let Prachi plan Pallavi’s birthday. Pallavi approaches Rhea and asks her to rest. Rhea notices Sahana walking and tries to mock her, but Sahana’s curt response astounds her. Rhea later tries to cheer up Ranbeer, but he remains unmoved. She follows Alia’s advice and manipulates Ranbeer. That night, Ranbeer thinks about Prachi and misses her. Rhea’s ruse continues when she enters Prachi’s room and begs forgiveness. She tells Prachi that Ranbeer adores her and that she is sorry for what she has done. Rhea sobs and tells her that she is alone and that Prachi is her only remaining family member. Rhea mentions that she can provide a happy future for herself and her child by leaving the house. Rhea sobs and begs Prachi for help one last time. As Rhea walks out of the room, Prachi is conflicted.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Ranbeer maintains his distance from Rhea when she comes to their room. Rhea feels that Ranbeer is sleeping and picks up Alia’s call, telling her that their plan was not exactly successful and Prachi is not like her mother. Ranbeer feels curious and decides to investigate Rhea. Meanwhile, Sahana talks to Prachi, who tells her that she regrets not telling Ranbeer and the other family members about the pregnancy. Prachi expresses her regrets and feels bad about herself. Prachi cries as her unborn child will not get the love it deserves and it is all her fault. Sahana consoles her well and reminds her that now, she has to fight for her child. Ranbeer comes behind Rhea and tries to overhear her conversation. Alia tells Rhea that they should meet on the terrace but Rhea ends up running into Pallavi, who gets her to be a part of the ritual. Rhea feels hesitant but joins her while Ranbeer runs into his father, who tells him that Prachi and he had a fight and while he was drunk, he imagined Rhea to be Prachi. His father assures him and mentions that he knows he will rectify his mistake soon. Later, Pallavi and Rhea come to Daljeet’s room and Pallavi asks her to do the same ritual she did when she was young. Daljeet does so while Rhea sits down hesitantly and later, Daljeet mentions that she did the ritual to help her family. Meanwhile, Prachi tells Sahana what Rhea came to talk to her about. Prachi mentions that Rhea spoke sensibly and Ranbeer comes there to talk to Prachi, to tell her about Rhea and her phone call but Sahana tries to oust him. Ranbeer talks with Prachi and mentions that he does love her but Prachi interjects and mentions that she won’t leave the house and will fight for what is hers. Ranbeer agrees with her but Prachi refuses to listen to him and walks out. Rhea overhears Ranbeer and Prachi and later, shouts at Alia for her suggestion. Rhea rebukes Alia and says that her idea was a terrible one. Pallavi comes looking for Rhea and asks her to rest.

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