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Kumkum Bhagya 04 July 2022 Written Update: Daljeet stops Prachi from leaving!


July 4, 2022

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Prachi decides to never trust Ranbeer. He cares for her and stops her from leaving the house. She argues with him, but Daljeet gets her to stay. Pallavi tells Ranbeer to take care of Prachi. To know what happens, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Sahana tries to calm Prachi down and tells her to listen to Ranbeer once. Prachi doesn’t listen and tells Sahana what Ranbeer told her about the night he was intoxicated. Prachi cries and Sahana consoles her and on the other hand, Ranbeer thinks about Prachi as well. He curses himself for getting into a problem with Rhea and feels that Prachi needs his love and support. That night, Ranbeer sees Prachi in the kitchen and tries to talk to her. She gets hurt and he takes care of her but Prachi walks away. Ranbeer gets her to eat the food and she remembers a happy moment they had shared. Prachi walks away back to her room and curses herself for spending time with Ranbeer. She resolves to fight for herself and for her child. Prachi gets furious as she feels her relationship with Ranbeer and his family is now over. Later, Ranbeer cries too and feels bad as he knows about Prachi’s pregnancy but is unable to speak to her about it. He feels alone but resolves to protect his child at any cost. Meanwhile, Pallavi takes care of Rhea and talks about her child. Rhea waits for Pallavi to leave, while Ranbeer prepares food for Prachi and keeps it beside her bed. Prachi realises that someone was in the room and kept the food for her. Rhea and Alia meet at night and Ranbeer follows them. Ranbeer overhears them but Alia and Rhea decide to head to the store room, which worries Ranbeer. Later, Rhea tells Alia that she followed her plan and even begged Prachi to leave the house. Ranbeer feels that something is up and Alia and Rhea are plotting something new. Alia says that Prachi will leave the house soon.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi thinks she needs to be strong for her child and remembers Sahana’s words. Prachi feels alone and talks to her child, stating that Ranbeer should never be trusted. Later, Rhea confronts Ranbeer and asks him where he was. He lies to her and asks her if she is hiding something from him. Rhea argues with him and Ranbeer feels that she is up to something. Rhea resolves to never let Ranbeer figure out what she is up to. Prachi resolves to never trust Ranbeer and packs her bags. She promises herself to never forget Ranbeer’s betrayal. Prachi walks through the house and remembers the moments she had spent with Ranbeer and the family. At the door, Ranbeer stops her and argues with her. Prachi refuses to listen and Ranbeer requests her and confesses his feelings to her. Prachi shouts at him but sees that Daljeet is trying to talk to her. Daljeet requests her and mentions that Prachi is the only one making her happy. Prachi decides to stay and asks Daljeet for a promise that she won’t stop her from leaving. Later, Ranbeer wakes up as he sees Rhea sleeping beside him. Pallavi sees him out of his room at night and asks him what is troubling him. She tells him to take care of Rhea and spend time with her.

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