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Karbhari Laybhari: With Kanchan Showing Her True Colours And Rajvir-Priyanka Escaping, Things That We Can Expect Ahead!

Aboli Vaze

February 23, 2021

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Ever since Rajvir and Priyanka have told their families about their relationship, only complications have arisen for them, here’s what to expect next.

The last few episodes of Karbhari Layhari were filled with quite a lot of drama. Ever since Rajvir and Priyanka have told their families about their relationship, only complications have arisen for them. Priyanka’s father, Ankushrao, got so enraged upon finding out that he locked Priyanka in a room and beat up Rajvir. As they hail from rival families, their union is definitely not going to be smooth or easy. Read on.

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Priyanka and Rajvir belong to two rival families – The Patils and The Suryawanshis. Their rivalry has been going on for ages, and that has also led to a bloodbath. Priyanka and Rajvir knew that their families would never accept their marriage, but decided to seek their approval anyway.

While Rajvir’s mother immediately disagreed, Kanchan encouraged Rajvir to pursue Priyanka. She even pretended to forget all about the rivalry and told Rajvir that she is ready to make amends with the Patils for him. On the other hand, in Priyanka’s family, no one accepted Rajvir. They locked her up and seriously injured Rajvir. With no other option, Priyanka decided to leave her house for her love.

Now, a recent spoiler posted by Zee Marathi on Instagram has revealed that Kanchan never meant to accept Priyanka. She was only encouraging their relationship to cause tensions in the Patil family. In the spoiler, it is shown that Kanchan kicks Priyanka out and tells her she’ll never be a part of their family. Having nowhere else to go, Priyanka and Rajvir decide to run away. It is also shown in the spoiler that Ankushrao finds out about their escape and sends out goons to kill them.

Take a look at the spoiler below:

What to expect ahead?

It is quite possible that Ankushrao’s goons find Priyanka and Rajvir and harm them at his behest. It is also possible that before the goons are able to hurt them, Jagdish shows up and saves them. He hates Rajvir but he’ll never let anyone hurt his sister Priyanka. On the contrary, Priyanka and Rajivir may get hurt and be torn apart from each other. What do you think will happen? Stay tuned to find out.

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