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Karbhari Laybhari Returns With A New Rajvir, Here’s How The Political Drama May Unfold Ahead

Aboli Vaze

May 17, 2021

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Karbhari Laybhari is returning after a hiatus of almost a month and we’re really excited to find out what happens next, read on.

Last year, Zee Marathi presented us with one of a kind political drama titled Karbhari Laybhari. Soon enough, it became one of the most loved shows among Marathi television audience. The show is about Rajvir, a staunch man and his journey to becoming a politician despite several hurdles coming his way. With an intriguing storyline and fresh concept, the show depicts several facets of the political world. Now, it is returning after a hiatus of almost a month and we’re really excited!

Watch the latest episode of Karbhari Laybhari:

Recent promos posted on Zee Marathi’s Instagram handle have revealed that Rajvir has totally changed now. He is not the same guy anymore who would let his malicious aunt Kanchan rule his life. He has taken charge of his life and is also following his dreams. Watch the promo below!

In the promo, Nagya asks Rajvir to take his rightful seat as the head of the Suryawanshi. Even though he had previously promised his mother that he won’t be joining politics, it seems like he is following his dreams after all. It is also shown that people are really praising him for the good work he is doing as a politician. A man in the promo says, ‘public needs someone like you’.

It is also shown that vamp Kanchan is very jealous of his growing success and popularity. She has always hated him and has even tried to kill him a few times. In the promo, an unknown man can be seen holding a gun while aiming it at Rajvir. He then shoots Rajvir in the arm, leaving Priyanka and Sunanda shocked. Meanwhile, Kanchan watches in the background hinting that she might have planned his assassination.

Here’s how the political drama may unfold ahead

It is safe to say that Kanchan no longer feels invincible. She feels threatened as Rajvir is all set to take back what was rightfully his anyway. In order to eliminate competition, she might come up with more devious ploys to harm Rajvir. Meanwhile, as Rajvir is bound by a promise, he may face many qualms while navigating his political journey ahead. We might also get to see more of Patil and Suryawanshi rivalry, as Rajvir and Priyanka try to bury the hatchet between them. We cannot wait to find out how the story progresses ahead and what twists may happen next! Stay tuned to Zee5 and Zee Marathi to find out.

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