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Karbhari Laybhari: Rajvir-Priyanka Can Use This Strategy To End The Feud Between Their Families And Get Married

Aboli Vaze

February 16, 2021

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Now that Rajvir and Priyanka wish to get married, here is what can be done to end the long-standing feud between their families.

Our hearts are filled with joy as Priyanka and Rajivir from Karbhari Laybhari have finally come together. They are really in love and look perfect with each other. Their love story is nothing short of a fairytale, except that they hail from two warring families. The Patils and  Suryawanshis have been rivals for a very long time that has also led to a bloodbath. Now that Rajvir and Priyanka wish to get married, here is what can be done to end the long-standing feud between their families.

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1. Take help from Jaggu

Priyanka’s brother Jaggu loves her more than he hates Rajvir. He may get upset upon finding out about their relationship at first, but later he’ll surely accept it for the sake of Priyanka. He will definitely stand up for them and help them in getting married.

2. Arrange a peace treaty

Priyanka and Rajvir’s families are fighting for political reasons. If Priyanka and Rajvir arrange a treaty for both the families which equalizes everything between them, then they may get the families on-board about the marriage. Right now, Patils think the Suryawanshis have more power and vice-versa, which causes feud between them.

3. Pacify Ankushrao steadily

Ankushrao’s opinion on love marriages is the biggest problem for Rajvir and Priyanka. He has sworn to kill Priyanka and the guy she falls in love with if he ever finds out. This is why Priyanka should slowly and steadily pacify her father and change his mindset about love before bringing up the subject of her marriage.

4. Be careful of Kanchan

While Kanchan does not care about who Rajvir marries, she really cares about hurting Ankushrao. She is sure to cause a lot of complications for Ravjir and Priyanka, just to hurt Ankushrao. This is why Ravjir and Priyanka should be very careful of her and stop her from causing trouble before it is too late.

5. Be honest

If nothing else works, Priyanka and Rajvir should just tell their families that they are in love and wish to get married no matter what. Regardless of the feud, their feelings for each other are true. Seeing them happy with each other, maybe the families will bury the hatchet for the sake of their children’s love and happiness.

Even though the Patils and  Suryawanshis have been at loggerheads for a very long time, they might end the cold war for their children. If Priyanka and Rajvir tap the emotional side of their families, they might consider ending the feud. Do you think that can happen?

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