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Karbhari Laybhari: Kanchan’s Ploy Puts Priyanka-Rajvir’s Marriage On The Rocks, Will Their Differences Resolve?

Aboli Vaze

March 16, 2021

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A recent promo of Karbhari Laybhari hinted that Rajvir and Priyanka are in a bit of a misunderstanding and they seem to have hit a rough patch. Read.

Ever since Priyanka and Rajvir from Karbhari Laybhari have gotten married, they haven’t been able to enjoy the ‘marital bliss’.  A lot of problems have come their way after marriage and so far, they have diligently tackled them all. However, now it seems like their marital problems have begun creating a rift between the couple. A recent promo hinted that Rajvir and Priyanka are in a bit of a misunderstanding (thanks to Kanchan), and they seem to have hit a rough patch.

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A recent promo shared by Zee Marathi on Instagram revealed that Rajvir and Priyanka get into a ‘fight’ over money. In the promo clip, Rajvir is requesting Kanchan for some money. He wants to fix his fan and therefore seeks help from Kanchan. She refuses to give him the money and asks him to come later. This leaves Rajvir disappointed.

Later, suddenly one of Ankushrao’s men comes with a stack of cash and gives it to Kanchan. She cleverly devises a plan to create problems between Rajvir and Priyanka. She storms over to their cottage and throws the cash at Priyanka. She insults her for demanding money from her family and does not listen to her. Both Sunanda and Rajvir are shocked to learn that Priyanka asked for money from her father. Priyanka tries to convince Rajvir that she did not ask for the money but he remains skeptical.

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It is clear from the promo that Kanchan’s actions have successfully planted a seed of mistrust in Rajvir’s mind. Kanchan has been against this marriage since day 1 and wants it to fall apart. Her attempts to make Priyanka a bad person in Rajvir’s eyes finally seem to come to fruition. Do you think Rajvir will choose to trust Priyanka over Kanchan? Also, who sent the money if Priyanka did not ask for it, was it Kanchan’s plan or another trick of Ankushrao? Stay tuned to find out only on Zee Marathi and ZEE5.

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