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Karbhari Laybhari Completes 100 Episodes: A Quick Dekko At 5 Most Defining Moments From The Show

Aboli Vaze

February 25, 2021

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On the occasion of Karbhari Laybhari completing 100 episodes, here’s a quick glance at 5 most defining moments on the show.

Karbhari Laybhari recently completed 100 episodes and we still cannot believe it. The fast-paced show has come a long way from when it started and obviously, a lot has changed. The characters have evolved, the relationship between different characters has changed, and so much more. What has not changed is the riveting storyline and our love for the show. On the occasion of Karbhari Laybhari completing 100 episodes, here’s a quick glance at 5 most defining moments from the show (in chronological order).

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1. Rajvir’s family losing their status

This is one of the foremost moments of the show as the entire storyline is based on this event. In the very first episode, Rajvir’s father dies, leaving a young Rajvir and widowed Sunanda at Kachan’s mercy. From this point forward, Rajvir’s life changes forever.

2. Rajvir’s big speech

Rajvir’s speech was one of the most powerful moments of the show. It was only after this big speech when Rajvir’s flair for politics came to the forefront. Before that, he was just a regular village boy but after the speech, he became ‘karbhari’ in the eyes of the villagers.

3. Priyanka’s true identity revealed

Priyanka and Rajvir’s friendship was a major part of the storyline. For many episodes, Rajvir was unware of Priyanka’s true identity and mistook her for Vaishu. When her secret came out, it created a rift between them and changed their dynamic forever.

4. Rajvir and Priyanka’s political prowess

Both Rajvir and Priyanka hail from political backgrounds and are destined to join politics. One time, they were asked to resolve a problem related to farmers that no one else could. They solved the problem together, thus marking the beginning of their real political journey.

5. Priyanka and Rajvir getting together

Priyanka and Rajvir’s love story is obviously the highlight of the show as of now. They have recently gotten together, after confessing their feelings, and have decided to get married. Their families are opposing the marriage and that’s why the lovebirds have decided to run away together. The moment they got together and all the little moments that led to their union, are all major highlights of the show.

The journey of Rajvir and Priyanka so far has been amazing to watch and we’re excited to find out what happens ahead. Stay tuned to ZEE5 and Zee Marathi to watch Karbhari Laybhari.

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