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Karbhari Laybhari: As Priyanka-Rajvir Finally Come Together, A Quick Dekko At Some Hurdles That May Lie Ahead

Aboli Vaze

February 12, 2021

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While we’re excited for Rajvir and Priyanka’s love story to progress, we can’t help but think about the problems that may befall.

In Karbhari Laybhari, Rajvir and Priyanka have finally expressed their love for each other. They are now together and wish to get married soon. While we’re excited for their love story to progress, we can’t help but think about the problems that may befall. They hail from rival families and their union is surely not going to be smooth or easy. On that note, here are a few hurdles Rajvir and Priyanka might have to face now.

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1. Ankushrao’s wrath

Ankushrao is strictly against love marriages and cannot stand them. He once beat up a man for falling in love and kicked him out of his political party. If he can be so cruel to someone he’s not related to, imagine his wrath when he finds out about his daughter and Rajvir.

2. Jaggu’s goons

Jaggu loves his sister Priyanka and genuinely cares about her happiness. He might even accept Priyanka’s choice for marriage but not if he is Rajvir. Jaggu and Rajvir have been at loggerheads for a long time and hate each other. If Jaggu finds out about their relationship, he might send his goons to hurt Rajvir again.

3. Kanchan might hurt Priyanka

While Kanchan has no personal interest in Rajvir’s life, she cares a great deal about politics. As Priyanka is her rival’s daughter and nephew’s love, she might hurt her just to irk both Rajvir and Ankushrao. She has done it before and can do it again. Do you agree?

4. Rajvir and Priyanka might get shunned

If worse comes to worst, both Rajvir and Priyanka might get shunned from their families. There is no room for love marriages in either of their families.  Upon finding out about Rajvir and Priyanka’s relationship, their families might shun them.

5. Their friends might get in trouble

While Rajvir and Priyanka might have to face many problems, their friends won’t have it easy either. Vaishu, Pilya, and Nagya have helped them get together. If their families find out, there is a possibility that they won’t be spared either.

While these are a few problems we can expect, there could be many more. We’re sincerely hoping that their budding relationship makes it through all the hurdles and emerges stronger than ever.

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