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Karbhari Laybhari: Ahead Of Piyu-Viru’s Wedding, A Glimpse Into Fun-Filled Pre Wedding Festivities

Aboli Vaze

March 1, 2021

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The pre-wedding festivities have already kickstarted and we cannot wait for the big day to arrive.

Our hearts are filled with joy as our favorite couple, Rajvir-Priyanka, is all set to tie the knot soon. The pre-wedding festivities have already kickstarted and we cannot wait for the big day to arrive. From Mehendi to Haldi, the fun-filled rituals have begun in full swing and fans could not be happier. On that note, here’s a glimpse of the fun-filled festivities from Rajvir and Priyanka’s wedding.

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The pre-wedding rituals kickstarted with the Mehendi karyakram. It was organized by Priyanka’s sister-in-law and all her friends were present for the Mehendi.  Even Vaishali, who was not allowed to attend the wedding, somehow made it to her best friend’s Mehendi ceremony. It was really fun to watch the banter between Priyanka and all her friends. Rajvir, who was not allowed to be there for the Mehendi ceremony, stole glances from afar and it was super adorable.

Take a look at a clip from the Mehendi ceremony below:

Even though Priyanka could not keep the Mehendi for more than five minutes, it turned out to be really dark. It is believed that the darker the Mehendi, the deeper the love between bride and groom. After looking at her dark Mehendi, everyone started gushing about their love and this made the bride-to-be blush a lot!


The Haldi ceremony took place immediately after the Mehendi and it was just was fun to watch. Clad in white ensembles, Priyanka and Rajvir were seated next to each other for their Haldi. All their friends and family, including Kanchan, applied a bit of Haldi to the couple as they smiled from cheek to cheek.

Take a look at a clip from their Haldi ceremony below:

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We’re hoping that Priyanka and Rajvir’s wedding is just as fun-filled as their Haldi and Mehendi. We hope that Ankushrao and Kanchan don’t cause any trouble, and let the love birds get married happily. Do you think that can happen? Has Kanchan really changed her mind about Rajvir-Priyanka? Stay tuned to Zee Marathi and ZEE5 to find out.

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