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Jothe Jotheyali 24 January 2022 Upcoming Story: Anu meets Subhash Patil


January 21, 2022

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Aryavardhan introduces Anu to a tied-up Subhash Patil and she questions him about his reason for committing financial fraud in their company and breaking Aryavardhan’s trust.

In the latest episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Aryavardhan introduces Anu to Subhash Patil, whom he had captured and kept captive in a remote location. Anu curses him and questions him for trying to steal money from the Vardhan company. Anu also rebukes him for trying to break the trust that Aryavardhan had in him. When Anu starts talking about trust, Aryavardhan feels uneasy and asks Anu to return home for her safety. Later, at night, Anu gets upset on seeing Aryavardhan again locked in the secret room.

In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, we saw Anu get surprised on seeing Aryavardhan’s injured toe, which he injured during his visit to Rajesh’s house. Aryavardhan tries to avoid answering Anu’s questions about his injury, leaving her confused. Elsewhere, Subbu gets irritated when Pushpa talks about staying at Anu’s house for a few days as she is missing her.

During breakfast, Aryavardhan is surprised when Harshavardhan questions Anu if she was able to track down the culprit committing fraud in their company. Later, Mansi is delighted by Pushpa’s arrival and together they look forward to opening the secret room and learning about what is hidden in the room.

We also saw, Anu talking to Shanabhoga in the office and leaving him shocked when she tells him that she suspects Subhash Patil to be responsible for the theft happening in their company. Anu is delighted when Aryavardhan calls her and informs her that he has captured and punished Subhash Patil.

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