Jothe Jotheyali 20 November 2020 Written Update: Poorna’s talks about Anu-Aryavardhan infuriates Pushpa

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November 19, 2020



2 min


In the previous episode of Jothe Jotheyali, Raghupati is stunned when Sampath and Ramya foil his plan to humiliate Anu and her family. Elsewhere, Meera’s visit makes Mansi suspicious. Later, Anu gathers the courage to tell Subbu about her relationship with Aryavardhan.

Watch what will happen next on Jothe Jotheyali:

In the next episode, of Jothe Jotheyali, an emotional Anu tries to convince Subbu to accept her and Aryavardhan’s relationship, but he refuses to do so. This turns out to be Anu’s nightmare and she wakes up scared. She worries about her parents not accepting her relationship and how their behaviour might hurt Aryavardhan. Pushpa gets into an argument with the other women in the chawl while filling water, about wearing face masks. Pushpa gives a befitting reply to Rajani’s harsh talks.

Elsewhere, Mansi’s talks about a woman who used to play football with Harshavardhan during his childhood days, leaves Sharada Devi shocked. Mansi wonders about Sharada Devi’s strange reaction. Meanwhile, Anu visits a temple. Anu gets a call and she gets angry when he starts badmouthing Aryavardhan. Further, she gets irritated on learning that the caller is none other than Aryavardhan himself. Aryavardhan tries to reassure a worried Anu.

Anu’s colleagues badmouth her and how Aryavardhan made a mistake by trusting Anu. Meera overhears them and approaches them. Meera pretends to support Anu before everyone. Elsewhere, Poorna arrives at Pushpa’s house. Poorna’s talks about Anu and Aryavardhan infuriate Pushpa and the latter lashes out at Poorna.

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